Groom-X LowLine Salon Table Purple Top 110x60x32-102cm

  • Groom-X LowLine Salon Table Purple Top 110x60x32-102cm
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The new Lowline tables from Groom-X are packed full of practical features and designed around a sturdy scissor lift frame which is both stable and efficient. Generous table top measures 110 x 60 cm and is coated with easy-to-clean, soft purple rubber with pawprint motif.

This surface is extremely antislip and the rubber covers the edges of the table top so there is no need for the aluminium trim. Ultra-low minimum height of only 32 cm! Lifts up to 100 kilos smoothly and effortlessly to a maximum of 102 cm.

Handy foot pedal control leaves your hands free for the dog! Each table has hooks for hanging your clippers or other tools and two 230V sockets (with safety circuit breaker) to power clippers, nailgrinders, straightening irons or even just to charge your phone!

The adjustable control frame with nooses is included.