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    Manufacturer: Kong

    KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball

    €3.95 incl tax

    KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball The KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball combines two classic dog toys — the tennis ball and the squeaker toy — to create the perfect fetch toy. Our durable, high-quality Squeakair Ball will not wear down your dog’s teeth. It’s made with a special non-abrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls. • Non-abrasive tennis material will not wear down your dog's teeth. • Perfect for games of fetch. • Squeaker to induce play.

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    €7.19 incl tax

    Dog Small Toy Rope

    €1.85 incl tax
    Very durable toy and made of 100% cotton rope. Has a big knot and two small ones on each side of the toy. It will also attract your dog!


    €4.88 incl tax
    Advantix: Tick & Flea Spot-on Treatment for Dogs Whether they’re lurking in your backyard or bush on your daily walk, just one Paralysis tick bite can prove fatal. Protect them against fleas, ticks and other nasties before they bite. Only Advantix is specially formulated to repel and kill deadly Australian Paralysis ticks. This easy-to-use spot-on is applied fortnightly, reducing the risk of ticks harming your dog. Advantix kills fleas fast. Its rapid killing power stops fleas feeding within 3 to 5 minutes, killing adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes. Another benefit is that it also kills fleas in your dog’s surroundings - the home - helping to break the flea life cycle Plus the super ingredients in Advantix make it the only treatment that also protects your dog from irritating biting insects. Advantix repels and kills sand flies and the mosquitoes responsible for heartworm transmission. Advantix is water-resistant too, so it keeps working even after swimming or shampooing. Key Benefits - Fast-acting – stops fleas feeding within 3 to 5 minutes - Easy to use – simple spot-on treatment applied monthly or fortnightly for paralysis ticks - Safe – can use on pregnant and lactating dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age - Stops feeding – active ingredient works on contact to prevent fleas from biting - Protects against flea allergy dermatitisRepels and kills ticksControls lice - Water resistant


    €16.95 incl tax
    Polyester fleece Petbed with a dense, 25-28mm pile and anti-slip backing is the ideal, cosy bedding for all pets. Available in 8 natural colours and 2 sizes, Show Tech Petbed is easy to care for and is machine washable up to 40°C. White and grey Petbed has a traditional green backing, machine washable up to 95°C and is recommended for puppies and whelping boxes. Custom sizes are available to special order and we can supply rolls of Petbed up to 10m long.

    JR PETS PURE Lamb Training Treats 85g

    €5.50 incl tax

    Pure Lamb Training Treats, 100% natural dog treats and they come in handy bite size pieces making them perfect for any size dog. Naturally healthy and totally irresistible.

    Our Pure Lamb Training Treats are hypoallergenic & naturally healthy:-

    • Suitable for all dogs, no matter their breed or size
    • 100% pure Lamb meat
    • Available in a re-sealable pouch to lock in the freshness
    • Responsibly sourced
    • Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over

    Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:-

    • 100% natural
    • Easy to digest
    • Naturally low in fat
    • High in protein
    • Hypoallergenic
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Healthy and nutritious