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    Manufacturer: Beaphar


    €8.50 incl tax
    Discover the new Beaphar calming diffuser for dogs. This device helps to soothe the dog during stressful events, and to regulate his behavioral problems. Thanks to the diffusion of natural extracts of valerian and lavandin, your dog will feel soothed for 4 weeks.
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    Composition: Valerian Lavandin Advantages of the diffuser: Calms and reduces stress Reduces behavioral problems Dog of any age Works for 4 weeks
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    €4.95 incl tax
    Grippy fingers are re-usable latex finger thimbles with a unique anti-slip surface to give extra grip when hand stripping. Sold in packs of 25, medium or large.


    €28.00 incl tax
    The new and improved Hyperclens formula has been proven to be an effective cleaner and disinfectant with assured efficacy against Viruses (eg. Canine Parvovirus), fungi and bacteria in dirty conditions. Hyperclens now provides enhanced cleaning and disinfection properties and is compatible with all major hard surface areas and non-slip flooring used within grooming salons, dog runs etc.

    Migliorcane Active Beef

    €5.65 incl tax €5.85 incl tax

    Show Tech Instant Ice Blade Spray 400ml Blade Care

    €7.95 incl tax
    Modern clippers run fast and while this makes them more powerful, the downside is that the blades heat up extremely quickly and there is a real danger of the hot blades burning the dog. Show Tech Instant Ice spray cools blades immediately by using compressed gas which is odourless and evaporates on contact with the clipper blades. With this unique product there is no need to change blades or wait for them to cool, simply spray a little instant ice onto the blade and you can immediately continue with your work. With the clipper turned off spray directly onto the blade from a distance of 2-8cm. Do not spray onto skin and keep out of reach of children.

    LeoPet Marine Breeze Floor Cleaner 1 Ltr

    €5.20 incl tax
    Fragrant liquid detergent with hygienizing action due to high percentage Quaternary Ammonium Salts base. Concentrated to be re-diluted in water, it releases a pleasant Lavender scent, suitable for washing all hard and water-resistant surfaces. Easy to rinse, it does not leave stains or streaks. Suitable for all environments with pets