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    Manufacturer: Beaphar

    Beaphar home insecticide spray 500 ml

    €16.95 incl tax
    • BEAPHAR home insecticide spray: 500 ml
    • Treatment of homes against mites and insects
    • Destroys mites and adult insects, larvae and eggs, 
    • Allows you to deworm your pet's environment against fleas, ticks, cockroaches, moths, scabies, spiders, ants, etc.
    • To be used in addition to pipettes, necklaces or antiparasitic shampoos, 
    • Habitat protection for 3 months

    This spray contains 3 substances :

    • Permethrin, which is a fast-acting insecticide on adult insects
    • Piperonyl Butoxide, which increases the insecticidal power of Permethrin
    • (S)-Methoprene, which blocks the development cycle of eggs and larvae and thus prevents the multiplication of insects
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