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    Manufacturer: Furrish

    Furrish Puppy Shampoo 300ml

    €8.95 incl tax
    Your puppy's skin is delicate, so using the correct shampoo can make a big difference to your puppy's coat as it grows. Pretty Pup Shampoo is specially designed for your little one. It cleanses and nourishes their coat leaving a subtle fresh fragrance without stripping the coat of its natural healthy oils. Suited for - Puppies - Sensitive kin Aroma Fresh Cucumber
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    €0.50 incl tax

    Furrish Silicone Grooming Scrubber

    €7.55 incl tax

    Long, soft and flexible bristles that are great for washing deep down dirt while helping remove loose hair and to give your pet a really good scrub!

    Suited to

    • Puppy
    • Sensitive
    • Long & Straight
    • Short Hair
    • Shedding

    How do you use me?

    After applying shampoo, massage all over the body for a relaxing bath time experience. Easy to clean as the loose hairs will stick to the silicone. Rinse hair away with water. Easy to hold especially when wet.


    Remove dead hairs with our silicone scrubber to help lessen future shedding.

    Natural Nose & Paw Balm for dry skin

    €12.50 incl tax

    Features and Benefits: 

    • 100% natural and preservative-free truffle and pad balm. Made in France
    • This balm moisturizes, protects, softens and repairs the dog's pads and nose. 
    • Perfect for cracking and dryness of the truffle
    • Ideal for the care of the pads before and after intense effort
    • Composed mainly of organic shea butter (selected for its moisturizing properties), organic hemp oil (which soothes, softens and nourishes dry skin), organic coconut oil (which has a lipid-replenishing action), organic jojoba oil (selected for its regenerating properties), candelilla wax (protective and film-forming properties) and beeswax (particularly effective in softening, smoothing and moisturizing the skin).
    • Easy to apply, it penetrates quickly and its discreet smell is ultra pleasant.


    Using advice : 

    Apply a knob of ointment on the nose and / or the pads of your animal and massage until penetration. apply the balm one or more times a day. 


    €4.00 incl tax
    Cuddle Mini Dogs Length of the stuffed toy: 15cm

    LEOPET Super Absorbant Carbon Nappies 60x60cm

    €14.00 incl tax
    The toilet mats for dogs Leopet Carbon Active are made with a ' technologically advanced absorbent core and structured to 5 layers for maximum absorption. Leopet Hygienic Mat with Activated Carbon is equipped with a multi-layer composition that is quick-drying and resistant to tears ; the active carbon fabric layer, in addition to absorbing and neutralizing odors , keeps the surrounding space cool, absorbing yellow stains leaving them invisible on the surface of the hygienic mat. The super absorbent core with advanced polymer technology converts the liquid into gel blocking moisture and neutralizing odors, while the upper layer to quick-drying allows to leave clean the legs and consequently also the surrounding floor. Made with adhesive strips at the four corners that help keep the hygienic dog mat firmly and securely on the floor , it is suitable in cases of: • Unattended pets • Kennels and pet carriers • Elderly or incontinent pets • Hospitalization in veterinary facilities • Cleaning muddy or wet paws • Protection around the litter boxes