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    Andis 9 Blade Soft Folding Blade Case

    €8.95 incl tax
    • Product Description

      • The case keeps your blades safe and in good condition while on the move as a mobile groomer or in the salon
      • The best alternative to bulky hard cases
      • The Andis Folding Blade Case is completely portable 
      • Holds up to 9 blades
      • This carry case is made from padded canvas for optimum blade protection
      • Also features detachable interior plastic blade pouches.
      • Holds most styles of blade
      • Nylon case
      • Folds up to store safely
      • Easily popped inside a carry case, bag or drawer


    €20.00 incl tax

    Andis AGR+ / BGR+ Battery Pack

    €85.00 incl tax
    • Super AGR Plus and PowerGroom recharge battery pack
    • Rechargeable battery pack allows groomers to continue to enjoy the freedom and convenience of cordless operation
    • Rechargeable battery pack fits Andis Super AGR Plus and AGRC Powergroom clippers
    • Provides up to one hour of cord-free use on a one-hour charge
    • Measures 8-inch length by 5-inch width by 2-2/7-inch height

    ANDIS Blade Cleaning Brush

    €2.55 incl tax

    Andis Blade Comb Sets

    €20.00 incl tax

    Use in conjunction with a No. 10, 15 or No 30 blade. The 9 comb set ranges from 1 1/2mm to 14mm. The 8 comb set ranges from 16mm to 32mm. Plastic combs. Only compatible with A5 Type blades (andis, oster, groom professional etc blades)

    • Compatible with A5 type blades
    • Set of 8 combs (range: 16mm - 32 mm)
    • Set of 9 combs (range: 1 1/2mm to 14mm)


    €34.95 incl tax

    Andis Ceramic Coarse Cutter

    €15.00 incl tax

    Andis Ceramic Cutter

    Ceramic cutters will extend the life of your blades. Change cutters when blades are blunting. These ceramic cutters will convert any A5 type blade to the ceramic version. 

    • Caramic cutters
    • Converts any A5 blade to ceramic
    • Extend Blade Life
    • Convert A5 Blade to Ceramic

    To Use: Change cutters when blades are blunting. Simply replace the steel top blade with one of these.

    Andis Ceramic Edge 5F Blade

    €42.95 incl tax

    Andis CeramicEdge No 5FC

    Ceramic Blades last longer than any other A5 type blade. They run cooler and need sharpened a lot less often. You can now order a complete blade, or just a Replacment cutter for your blade. A ceramic cutter will attach onto any A5 type blade we sell.

    Ceramic blade set for Andis® detachable blade clippers. This blade is a Finish Cut blade which gives a smooth finish and leaves 6.3mm of hair.

    Will fit any A-5 Type professional dog clipper (Andis, Oster, Wahl Switchblade, Heiniger, etc.)


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