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    €45.00 incl tax

    FlexIt Red Twin Single Mat Zapper is a extreme de-matting brush to remove mats even faster.

    • The brush has special mat-breaking bristles with a firm brush head
    • Provide Super soft finishing hair and shiny looks
    • Perfect for removing thick undercoats
    • Pins are made of the highest quality stainless steel
    • Specially designed for dog coats that get easily matted
    • The FlexIt red twin single mat zapper with ergonomic handle for better grip

    FlexIt Purple Firm Flex Finishing Twin Dog Grooming Brush

    €60.00 incl tax
    Firm all around Finishing brush, also for lightly matted coats. When you look at the face of THE Firm Flex Purple FlexIt Finishing brush you will notice two very specific traits. First, the pins are very linear in their layout. This is so they leave the coat with an even and smooth appearance. You will also notice that the pins themselves have a relatively short shank with a more pronounced hook on the end. It is designed this way so the brush remains on the outer coat, where the finishing work needs to be done, and does not penetrate to the undercoat. The Flex It brush replaces Activet groomer brushes and is perfect for heavy coated dogs. BREED SUGGESTIONS: Akita Alaskan Malamute Bernese Mountain Dog Chow Chow, Collies Golden Retrievers Newfoundland Portuguese Water Dogs Poodle and all Doodles Samoyed Schnauzer (Giant).

    4 Pups

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