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    €48.00 incl tax

    Dog Residence is a collapsible metal wire dog crate finished off with hammertone coating.

    This high-quality and solid coating ensures a long-lasting lifetime of the crate. Dog crates are ideal for travelling and housetraining your dog. But dog crates can also be used for prevention and assistance in resolving behavioural problems. Finally, dog crates provide a secure and safe place to sleep. The Dog Residence is easy to assemble, no tools are required.

    The Dog Residence crate is available in 6 different sizes: 50 cm, 61 cm, 76 cm, 91 cm, 107 cm and 118 cm. Dog Residence 50 & 61 cm have a front and top door. The other sizes have a front and side door.

    • Benefits of the Dog Residence:
    • housetraining your puppy
    • offering a safe way for transporting your dog
    • preventing your dog from chewing and damaging your home
    • safeguarding a puppy or dog from potentially dangerous household items such as toxic cleaning chemicals and electrical wires
    • providing a place to keep your dog while recuperating from an injury or illness
    • providing a secure place to sleep, your dog will use the crate as a retreat, just like its own home in your home


    €15.95 incl tax
    Strong and practical cage cover made from heavy duty canvas. Specifically designed to fit our Show Tech American Crates, these covers are wind and waterproof and have a single opening on the short side of the crate. There are 2 pockets on the sides and the front opening can easily be closed with a zipper, leaving a mesh panel to make sure your dog has enough fresh air. Decorated with an attractive, embroidered paw print motif. Available in 6 sizes. Machine washable.

    Show Tech Puppy cage

    €100.00 incl tax

    Show Tech Puppy Play Pens are ideal for keeping puppies and show dogs dry and clean with a hygienic fine mesh floor panel to elevate puppies while the moulded, plastic tray underneath catches those "little accidents" and makes for easy cleaning. These playpens are finished in smart, matt black, zinc plating to protect against corrosion. The height of the floor panel is adjustable, so may be set higher for puppies and small breeds and lower for larger breeds. Top and side doors allow easy access and feature a positive locking system for added security. Folds flat for convenient travel and storage

    Size: 92x61x81cm

    Trixie Dog Cage

    €62.00 incl tax
    • 2 doors, front and lateral
    • doors with 2 safety closures each
    • collapsible
    • plastic tray (ABS)
    • galvanized


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