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    Manufacturer: Idealdog

    CareLift lifting harness

    €50.00 incl tax

    Size S: Belly size: 48 to 78 cm - Weight: 15 to 32 kg

    Size M: Belly size: 68 to 93 cm - Weight: 32 to 59 kg

    Characteristics : 

    • Help your best friend stay on his feet. Whether your dog is elderly, recovering from surgery or infirm, the PetSafe® CareLift™ Lift Harness allows you to give him the support he needs;
    • The combination of a front and rear lifting harness distributes the weight evenly to provide your companion with full body support. 
    • Safely lift your dog without putting painful pressure on his joints or straining your back with the included handles and shoulder strap. 
    • The fully padded harness is comfortable for your furry friend when helping them up stairs or lifting them in and out of the car.
    • Cleverly designed, this lifting harness is comfortable for both males and females and comes in handy during pee breaks.
    • When the harness gets dirty, just put it in the washing machine. 
    • Thanks to PetSafe®, you and your pet can live happily together™. 
    • Whole Body Support: Give your dog the support he needs all over his body whether he's elderly, recovering from surgery or infirm. Your dog is safely supported: the handles allow you to lift him easily and the shoulder strap of the large and medium harnesses relieves your back when you assist him. 
    • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The harness adjusts easily so you can fit your dog's needs perfectly.
    • Be sure to check the size chart to find the perfect size. 
    • Mobility: This full-body harness helps your best friend get in and out of the car and relieves them during walks and pee breaks. 
    • Comfort: The extra padding supports your dog and prevents injuries when lifting. For males, the detachable protection minimizes feelings of discomfort in motion.
    • Machine washable: Breathable mesh material washes easily in the machine.
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