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    Manufacturer: Idealdog


    €17.50 incl tax
    • Set of 2 IDEALDOG microfiber towels. 
    • These towels are super absorbent, 
    • Quickly dry the animal after getting out of the bath, 
    • They can also be used when returning from rainy walks, 
    • Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. 
    • Washable at 30°. 
    •  60*100cm. 
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    Dog Small Toy Rope

    €1.85 incl tax
    Very durable toy and made of 100% cotton rope. Has a big knot and two small ones on each side of the toy. It will also attract your dog!

    FREEDOG Baby Powder pocket wipes 25pack

    €1.95 incl tax
    Practical and useful at home, in the car, for outdoor walks and when it rains to perfume and refresh your four-legged friend. Use: take out the towel and gently pass it over the area to be cleaned. No need to rinse or dry. Carefully close the packaging to preserve the moisture of the product.

    SAVIC Puppy Play Pen

    €60.00 incl tax

    Dog Park is a puppy and dog play pen.

    It is ideal for housetraining, travelling and assistance in behavioral problems as it contains your pet in a safe way. The Dog Park can be expended with an additional pen or panels to cover a larger area. The large embedded door with catches has a wide walk trough entrance.

    The Dog Park is finished off in black e-coating and is available in 3 heights: 61 cm, 91 cm and 107 cm.


    Size 1: 61 x 61 cm

    Size 2: 61 x 91 cm

    Size 3: 61 x 107cm

    Features and Benefits:

    Puppy park

    Composed of 8 elements

    A panel has a door

    Panels fitted with hinges

    Finishing rod

    Good resistance to corrosion

    Place occupied: 4.80m

    Quick set-up

    Carrying handle

    Easily movable or transportable

    Ideal for trips, dog shows

    Dog Comets Bubble Game with Peanut Butter Taste

    €5.50 incl tax

      This great bubble game ensures cosmic play fun!
      Dogs will want to catch, hit and bite them. They taste like peanut butter so catching the bubbles is extra fun.

      Not only dogs like to play with it, children and even adults will enjoy this game. The bubbles remain un-popped when they hit the floor.

      Food flavor (peanut butter)
      Sturdy bubbles
      Safe to human and pets
      Try it yourself and blow as much bubbles in the air as possible. Together with your dog, enjoy this game that tastes and smells like peanut butte

    LEOPET Super Absorbant Carbon Nappies 60x90cm

    €20.00 incl tax
    The toilet mats for dogs Leopet Carbon Active are made with a ' technologically advanced absorbent core and structured to 5 layers for maximum absorption. Leopet Hygienic Mat with Activated Carbon is equipped with a multi-layer composition that is quick-drying and resistant to tears ; the active carbon fabric layer, in addition to absorbing and neutralizing odors , keeps the surrounding space cool, absorbing yellow stains leaving them invisible on the surface of the hygienic mat. The super absorbent core with advanced polymer technology converts the liquid into gel blocking moisture and neutralizing odors, while the upper layer to quick-drying allows to leave clean the legs and consequently also the surrounding floor. Made with adhesive strips at the four corners that help keep the hygienic dog mat firmly and securely on the floor , it is suitable in cases of: • Unattended pets • Kennels and pet carriers • Elderly or incontinent pets • Hospitalization in veterinary facilities • Cleaning muddy or wet paws • Protection around the litter boxes