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    €6.50 incl tax
    Set of 2 super absorbent microfiber towels 40 cm x 60 cm or 60 cm x 100 cm. Available in pink or blue. 80% polyester. 20% polyamide. Washable at 30 ° C.
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    Show Tech No More Tear Stains 250ml Tear Stain Remover

    €7.95 incl tax

    This eye cleaner is designed for complete care of the eyes and surrounding areas. It treats and helps prevent the problems associated by over-active tear canals.

    Breeds with short noses suffer from blocked tear canals which in turn cause the tears to become brownish in colour thus causing discolouration of the hair.

    With regular use in and around the eyes, this lotion helps to free the blocked canals and ensures that the tears remain translucent.

    Recommended for short faced breeds such as maltese, pekinese, shiz tzu, yorkshire terrier, persian and exotic shorthair cats.

    Beaphar Vermikill Combi Spray 400ml

    €15.95 incl tax
    Vermikill Combi Spray is a spray insecticide, which can be used on the pet and in their environment. The spray eliminates fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bed bugs and nits. To be used in the pet’s environment: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, and birds. May also be used on dogs, but not on cats.

    Idealdog Metal Comb 19cm

    €5.95 incl tax

    Groom Professional Wondercoat Detangling Spray

    €11.95 incl tax

    This wonderful product will add an instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long-haired coats.

    • Helps to condition both the coat and skin
    • Has a clean fresh smell
    • Leaves no grease or residue 
    • Suitable for short of long coats

    To Use: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through. Depending on the coat use either a comb or a slicker brush. This can be used before washing and after washing to give the coat excellent condition.

    Groom Professional Ear Wash

    €13.50 incl tax

    An effective blend of ingredients which includes Aloe Vera gel, Alpine Herbs, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Mint Oil to soften deep down wax and cleanse the ear of dirt, wax, oil and odours without drying the skin. Contains alcohol to ensure the ear drys quickly after use, thus reducing the opportunity for bacteria growth which can lead to ear infections. Simply apply to cotton wool or tissue and rub around the ear. No need to rinse. Super quick to use and very economical. One small 'splash' is enough to do one ear! Leaves a fresh, minty smell. Made in the UK.

    Fragrance: Minty
    Softens Wax

    Available in 2 sizes:
    - 500 ml
    - 4 Litre