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    Manufacturer: Show Tech

    Show Tech Bright & Clean Shampoo

    €7.95 incl tax
    This natural deep cleaning shampoo revitalises the coat leaving it shiny and smelling fresh. Unique colour enhancing brighteners help restore the coat’s original colour. Contains glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands. Suitable for all coat types and colours.
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    €4.00 incl tax
    Simple yet highly effective tool for slicing through mats and tangles. Mat Splitter is ideal for all long coated breeds of dogs and cats. Unique safety design means the razor blade is shielded. Much safer than using scissors to remove mats.

    Show Tech Eye Wipes 100 pcs Eye Cleaner

    €6.75 incl tax
    Specially formulated to clean sensitive eyes and remove tear staining. Daily use helps prevent brown stains from reappearing. Pack of 100 round wipes.


    €7.95 incl tax
    This special conditioner made with Aloe Vera & Wheat proteins improves the coat's structure and gives extra shine. Its moisturizing and antistatic properties help remove stubborn tangles and make it easier to comb, while leaving a soft, silky finish and reducing the drying time. Contains glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands.

    Groom Professional Wondercoat Detangling Spray

    €10.75 incl tax

    This wonderful product will add an instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long-haired coats.

    • Helps to condition both the coat and skin
    • Has a clean fresh smell
    • Leaves no grease or residue 
    • Suitable for short of long coats

    To Use: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through. Depending on the coat use either a comb or a slicker brush. This can be used before washing and after washing to give the coat excellent condition.

    Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash

    €9.00 incl tax

    Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash

    Excellent blade wash which cleans and helps lubricate blades. One of our best selling products.

    • Now available in handy 500 ml size and salon sized 5 Litres. 

    For best results and optimum blade-care try also using our Groom Professional Clipper Oil and Groom Professional 4 in 1 Clipper Spray to help cool, clean, lubricate and disinfect blade during and after clips

    To use: Immerse blades in the blade wash (so they are just covered) and leave for 10 -15 minutes and gently pat dry  (to allow some of the lubricant to remain on the blades), add a few drops of clipper oil to blade directly before use.