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    Taste of the Wild - Pacific Stream Puppy

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    • Taste of the Wild – Pacific Stream Puppy is a balanced, holistic dry food for young dogs of all breeds. The biologically appropriate kibble is based on the original feeding habits of dogs while taking your dog's lifestyle into account. This is why it is grain-free. Dogs cannot digest grain easily and it is known to cause digestive problems in many dogs. Sweet potatoes provide healthy carbohydrates and are packed with fibre and vitamins, as well as iron, calcium and beta-carotene. Taste of the Wild – Pacific Stream Puppy is a single protein product and only contains fish as an animal protein. It is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions or those which suffer from allergies. Salmon provides top quality protein as well as valuable omega-3 fatty acids including DHA. This natural fatty acid impacts on brain development, visual and cognitive development and helps to keep joints healthy. This puppy kibble is also full of antioxidants which protect the cells from free radicals and also help to strengthen the immune system. Chicory with the prebiotic inulin and yucca schidigera help to keep the digestive system working well. All ingredients are of the highest possible quality to ensure high palatability and digestibility, even for dogs will nutritional sensitivities.

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    • Taste of the Wild - Pacific Stream Puppy dry dog food at a glance:
      • For puppies and growing dogs of all breeds
      • Suitable for dogs which suffer with food intolerances and allergies to grain or certain proteins
      • Single protein: only one source of animal protein to ensure high acceptability
      • Salmon and other fish: a great source of top quality protein as well as vital omega-3 fatty acids. Easy to digest and well accepted
      • Grain-free: this kibble provides a balanced nutrition to keep your young dog healthy and vital. Many vets believe that grain in pet food is the cause of many health problems. The high carbohydrate content in grain can lead to obesity, diabetes, digestion problems and other illnesses
      • Omega-3 fatty acid DHA: for healthy brain, vision and joint development during growth
      • High content of antioxidants: for cell protection and to protect against free radicals, boosting the immune system
      • Healthy digestion: dried chicory root and Yucca schidigera extract offer prebiotic inulin and promote gut flora balance and a strong immune system
      • Omega fatty acids: omega-6 and -3 fatty acids help to keep skin healthy and coat glossy
      • Sweet potatoes for carbohydrate: nutritious and easy to digest, a source of energy and with fibre, vitamins, iron, calcium and beta-carotene
      • Blueberries and raspberries: these berries are packed with phytonutrients full of antioxidants to help keep the cells healthy
      • Tomatoes: a natural source of vegetable fibre for a healthy digestive system and with healthy vitamins and powerful antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopene


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    BUBIMEX Fish Cubes 75g

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    • Features and Benefits:

      • Clean teeth with a rough texture
      • Pure and natural product
      • Contribute to healthy skin and a soft coat. Their rough surface helps in cleaning teeth. 

      Composition: 100% cod skin

      Analytical constituents: Protein 70.0%, fat content 3.0%, crude fiber 2.0%, crude ash 6.0%, moisture 12.0%

    Yak Cheese Tibetan Dog Chew - Natural Himalayan Cheese

    €4.50 incl tax
    • ROMOTES YOUR DOGS ORAL HEALTH: Tibetan Dog Chews help in removing plaque and tartar buildup when your dog gnaws on them. It helps to clean teeth, freshen the breath and promote their oral health.
    • 100% NATURAL, LIMITED INGREDIENTS: Tibetan Dog Chews, a 100% natural cheese chews are made in the foot hills of Mount Everest and other hilly regions of Nepal by the artisan farmers using the centuries old authentic recipe that has only 4 limited ingredients, Yak milk, Cow milk, Salt and Lime juice.
    • NO PRESERVATIVES: Tibetan Dog Chews do not contain any kind of preservatives or additives and is naturally chemical free, grain free, gluten free and safe for most dogs with lactose intolerance and sensitive stomachs.
    • KEEPS YOUR DOG BUSY: Tibetan Dog Chews are very hard and longer lasting chews as compared to other similar products. An average chewer takes several hours if not days to fully devour it. Be sure to give the right sized chew for the right sized dog then sit back, relax and see them enjoy! It keeps your dog busy and provides hours and hours of healthy enjoyment.
    • OUR PROMISE: We are dedicated in bringing you natural alternatives for the health and well being of your dogs. Tibetan Dog Chews are High Protein, Long Lasting, Minimal Odor, Non Staining, No Preservatives, No Binding Agents, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Grains, No Gluten, a 100% Natural and close to being a "Certified Organic" product. If you and your dog are not fully satisfied with Tibetan Dog Chews, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.


    €10.75 incl tax

    Show Tech Snood Small Black Ear Covers

    €5.95 incl tax
    • he Snood is the ultimate aid when grooming your dog, it keeps the ears up out of the way so you can easily work on the neck and shoulders. Snoods also protect the coat and ears, keeping everything clean and preventing ears from trailing on the ground or from falling into feeding and water bowls, Ideal to keep a show dog’s coat in top condition! Snoods may also be used to keep ears dry and free from saliva on large breeds.

      Available only in black and in 2 sizes. Small is suitable for all breeds up to Cocker Spaniel size. Large is recommended for Standard Poodles, Afghans and other similar breeds.


    €7.75 incl tax