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    Dog Travel & Carriers

    Whether you need a dog carrier that lets them travel about with minimal anxiety, or a feeding mat designed to reduce mess when they’re eating & drinking, our travel range is full of solutions.

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    €5.00 incl tax
    S - 25 to 33cm x 16mm M - 29 to 37cm x 16mm 34 L - 44cm x 16mm


    €4.50 incl tax
    Metal peg with "corkscrew" thread for hanging a lanyard, a leash ... Overall length 40 cm

    Cosy Dog Carrier

    €40.00 incl tax
    Nice semi-rigid transport bag, very cozy thanks to its detachable lining and machine washable at 30 ° C. Equipped with a retaining strap. Dimensions: 45 x 25 cm - h. 28 cm

    Dog Front Carrier for Dogs

    €30.00 incl tax

    bag for small dogs (under 5kgs) in flexible coated canvas, padded bottom and shoulder straps for the comfort of the owner and his animal.

    Base dimensions: 28 x 25cm 

    Height: 30 to 40cm

    Dog Stylish Khaki Bag

    €35.00 incl tax
    This semi-rigid foldable bag is made of padded fabric.The 3 ventilation meshes are located on the 2 extremities and on the upper side. there are 2 carrying handles and 1 lateral snap pocket. Length : 45 cm - Width : 25 cm - Height: 28 cm


    €45.00 incl tax
    Dog transport backpack with 4 twin wheels and a retractable handle for easy transport. 2 large padded shoulder straps allow it to be used as a backpack. Ventilation mesh and zippered pocket on each side. Rear ventilation net with 2 double-slider closures allowing full or partial opening.

    DOGGY Pet Carrier Sailor Design Bag

    €38.00 incl tax
    Semi-rigid bag with navy blue and white stripes, handles, seams, bottom and pockets are made of camel synthetic fibers. It has a zippered and scratch opening on the top with a ventilation net. A second zippered opening with a ventilation net is located on the side of the bag

    Doggy Transport Bag with Wheels

    €55.00 incl tax

    Characteristics of the bag:

    • Dog carrier bag with wheels
    • Retractable handle makes it easy to transport your pet
    • Ventilation mesh and zippered pocket on each side. 
    • Rear ventilation net with 2 double-slider closures allowing full or partial opening.

    Doogy Brown Pet Carrier

    €35.00 incl tax
    • Bag features:

      • Semi-rigid ventilation mesh on all sides of the bag 
      • Storage net on the front and on one side of the bag 
      • Storage pocket on the back of the bag
      • Adjustable shoulder strap available
      • Removable and padded bottom

    Doogy Car Safety Harness

    €11.20 incl tax
    Harness developed to ensure the safety and comfort of the dog during car journeys and as well as walks. Quickly sets up. Either with the belt or with the clip. Soft neoprene padding that covers all contact points, especially the chest.

    Doogy Pet Carrier with side opening

    €50.00 incl tax

    Bag features:

    • Opening with zipper on the top and the front of the bag
    • Storage net at the back of the bag
    • Adjustable shoulder strap available
    • Ventilation mesh on the top and front of the bag
    • Padded removable bottom and sides

    Doogy Pet Items Carrier Bag

    €35.00 incl tax
    • Two mesh pockets on the sides
    • A velcro pocket at the front of the bag.
    • Contains a flexible insulated kibble container
    •  Contains a double fold-out flexible bowl. 

    Dog Travel & Carriers

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