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    AFP Dreams Catcher

    €65.00 incl tax
    The perfect way to relax for your cat. Two beds to hide and sleep, a huge area to scratch its paws, and a removable feather wand to play with your cat. This furniture offers all your feline friend needs. Features • Dangling Feather toy • Sisal Scratching post • Colorfull wood beads • Removable wand • Cozy beds • Multi Level

    AFP Interactive Treat Dispenser

    €10.95 incl tax
    A new challenging treat toy for your cat from AFP Interactives. This dispenser rewards your cat when the toy is caught with a feather and can easily be attached to virtually any table.

    AFP Interactive Treat Frenzy Roll

    €8.95 incl tax
    • AFP treat dispenser for dogs, cats and rabbits.
      Treat your pet with this dispenser! Your pet stays active by using this dispenser while you keep on treating your pet. Put dry treats or food in the dispenser. The size can be adjusted so the treats come out fast or slowly. For hours of play fun.

      Clean with a mild soap and rinse with water. Attention: Before putting in treats again, make sure the dispenser is dry.

      15.5 x ø 6 cm

    AFP Lambswool Wand Mouse with Feather Catnip

    €4.95 incl tax
    Toy to stimulate the hunting instinct of your cat! Rod with 1 ball in the shape of a mouse containing Catnip and a feather. Irresistible to cats! Size 64 x 4 x 4 cm

    AFP Liftstyle4Pet-Vase sisal scratcher

    €32.00 incl tax

    Design scratching vase for cats

    This decorative vase with base was designed to satisfy the natural scratching instinct of cats. The vase has a beautiful design that fits into any interior. 

    The vase is stable and suitable for normal use. If wanted, it can be loaded with extra weight such as sand, stones etc. 
    The base is equipped with a rubber grip to ensure it stands firm and will not easily shift.  

    • Rope consists of a unique mix of corn husk and sisal 
    • Durable so long lasting
    • Spray it with Catnip for even more fun

    Fill the vase with decorative branches for a nice visual effect.  

    Diameter base: 35.5 cm
    Height: 45 cm

    AFP Little Buddy Blanky Piggy

    €10.50 incl tax


    The perfect candidate for a security blanket, the All For Paws (AFP) Little Buddy Blanky Piggy provides the comfort and warmth for your dog wherever they take it with them. Finished with a chewy and tugging toy near the head of the pig, the blanket adds an element of fun to sleep time to get in that little smidgen of play before the long-awaited and much deserved snooze.  

    Made of soft plush and comforting fabrics.  

    Colour: Pink, grey and blue  

    Dimensions: L 38cm x W 34cm x H 8cm

    AFP Little Buddy Comforting Bunny

    €8.50 incl tax
    When your puppy plays with this super soft stuffed toy, the material inside the stuffed animal will make a crackling sound. The crocodile and the bunny contain plastic details and are made of several kinds of fabrics, so the toy is extra interesting for your puppy. Every paw of the Comforting Gator and Comforting Bunny contains a squeaker for extra fun!


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