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    Miglior Gatto Chicken & Rabbit 100g

    €0.45 incl tax

    Miglior Gatto Pate with Chicken and Rabbit is formulated to ensure the essential nutrients required for your cat’s well-being, including vitamins, omega-3, calcium, and phosphorous to support strong bones, strong teeth, healthy skin, a healthy coat, and well-proportioned muscles.


    €3.65 incl tax
    Size - 2Kgs

    Miglior Gatto Tuna And Salmon Cat Food 400gr

    €0.56 incl tax
    Product Description

    miglior gatto salmon & ton fish cat canned 405 gr it is a canned cat food of salmon pate in sauce, which is formed with high quality raw materials, which provides a balanced diet with unique taste for cats. miglior gatto cats are formulated according to the taste of your cat's cats. the ingredients used by veterinarians are the formulas prepared by your veterinarian. content meat and by-products, cereals, fish and fish derivatives 4.3% salmon, mineral substances, european union standards. analysis moisture 80%, crude protein 7.50%, fat 6,00%, fiber 1,00%, ash 3,00%, vitamin d3 200 / kg, vitamin e 5 mg / kg, copper sulfate 2 mg / kg. daily consumption for cats weighing 1 kg or less, consuming 200 g, consumption of 250 g for cats between 1 - 2 kg, consumption of 300 g for cats between 2 - 3 kg, for cats between 3 and 4 kg, 400 g is recommended. after opening, it should be kept in ice and should be consumed within maximum 3 day

    Miglior Gatto

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