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    Bird shining cage ball

    €3.50 incl tax

    Shining Ball
    This disco ball looks great in the bird cage!

    Can be hung anywhere and equipped with a bell, that birds love!

    Sparkles and shines
    For hours of play fun
    Easy to hang everywhere
    With hook
    16 cm

    Cat Bell

    €0.85 incl tax

    LW nibblers-willow chews-balls without bell

    €3.50 incl tax

    Playing and chewing

    Cheerful coloured balls to play with and to chew on. 
    Made of safe, non-toxic material.   

    • Prevents boredom
    • Gnaw and tooth conditioning
    • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small rodents

    3 pieces

    Pawise Aviary Waterer, 265 ml/15 cm

    €2.95 incl tax

    Cheerfully coloured feeding and water bowl for aviary.

    Made of sturdy plastic and suitable for larger birds, such as lovebirds, cockatiel etc. 
    Easy to fill, to move or to clean.

    • With hooks
    • Durable construction
    • With perch

    15 cm

    265 ml

    Comes assorted

    Pawise Backseat Safety Net

    €8.95 incl tax
    • A great way of controlling your pets while on the road.
    • Creates a casual but effective barrier between front & back car seats.
    • Stops your dog for example climbing through but keeps them calm with you in sight.
    • This flexible solution also suits vans with a low barrier between front & back.

    122 x 64 cm

    Pawise Bird feeder 2 in 1

    €1.00 incl tax

    Bird feeder

    This feeder allows your winged friendto always have access to sufficient water or feed. Made of sturdy plastic and easy to attach on the inside of the cage. 

    Fill with feed or water, click it to the bottom part and hang in the cage. 

    • Can be attached on the inside of the cage
    • Easy to fill
    • Easy to clean

    Suitable for smaller kinds of birds like canaries, love birds and parakeets.  

    Comes assorted

    90 ml

    12 cm

    Pawise Bird Rings with bells

    €4.50 incl tax

    Spinning chain with mirrors and bell

    This cheerfully coloured chain ensures extra play fun! Can be hung anywhere and therefore fits into every cage. 
    Suitable for canaries, parakeets and similar birds.  

    With 3 rings, 3 mirrors and a bell!

    • Easy to clean
    • Hours of play fun
    • Can be hung easily

    24 cm

    Pawise Bird space ball

    €4.25 incl tax

    This chain is made of 4 hollow balls, with a bell on the bottom.
    An addition to every cage!

    The balls have bright colours and guarantee hours of play fun.

    Mental and physical challenge
    Can be hung everywhere
    Easy to clean
    25 cm


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