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    HAPPY DOG sensible lamb 400gr

    €3.14 incl tax €3.30 incl tax
    With Happy Dog Sensitive Pure Neuseeland wet food for dogs you are feeding pure Nature. Our premium meat-based food is made from 100% valuable meat along with offal such as heart, lungs and liver. It also contains vital vitamins and minerals. The meat and offal come exclusively from lamb*. And of course our wet food is made without soya or other plant-based additives.


    €4.28 incl tax €4.50 incl tax
    Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Caribbean at a glance: Complete feed for adult dogs Ideal for dogs with food intolerances Single protein: tasty pelagic fish as a single, high quality source of protein Delicious potato as a high quality source of carbohydrates No grains or gluten To relieve the digestion: from careful cooking and medium protein content Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for skin and fur Vitamins and minerals: a holistic and healthy diet Happy Dog food is made in Bavaria, Germany. This family business uses only the highest quality raw, natural ingredients, sourced from local farms, to produce delicious, healthy food for your dog.

    Happy Dog Junior

    €5.70 incl tax €6.00 incl tax

    Balanced feed for young dogs with 5 animal proteins and rice

    As soon as your dog reaches seven months, it is time to change him over from puppy food to young dog food. Because your four-legged friend is now an exuberant teenager! He has entered a phase of development in which he grows more slowly than in his first six months of life. This is why we developed our fit & vital Junior specially as a food for young dogs. It contains less energy than puppy food – and supplies exactly the right nutrients and minerals that a young dog needs for healthy growth from seven months onwards. Our fit & vital Junior is here with five animal proteins, including proteins from poultry and lamb. Gluten-free rice is highly digestible and provides energy to fuel boisterous fun. Calcium and vitamin D3 help with the healthy development of your dog’s bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. And a complex of vital substances from yeasts and herbs supports his digestion.

    What are the benefits of fit & vital Junior?

    • Balanced variety of proteins
    • Gluten-free recipe
    • Supports the musculoskeletal system
    • Important minerals for healthy growth

    When should I change my puppies over to young dog food or food for adult dogs?

    A puppy is classed as a young dog when he reaches seven months. At this point you should change him over to a food tailored to his development phase. Perhaps you are wondering how much food is recommended for young dogs. The right amount of food is determined by the final weight of your young dog and his age in months. You can take this from the feeding guide below. It is also useful to know that, in contrast to the puppy period in which your little friend still needed several meals each day, you can now change him over to 2 meals per day. His stomach is now large enough for this rhythm to suit him. As a rule of thumb, the total amount of food every day should be 4-6 % of your dog’s body weight.

    Our kibble with the hole – for even better digestion

    Have you seen? Our kibble is heart-shaped and has a hole in the middle. This makes it easier for your dog to chew and digest. The increased surface area also allows your dog’s stomach juices to break up the food more easily. 

    Happy Dog medium adult perfect for skin and coat

    €5.46 incl tax €5.75 incl tax
    Happy Dog fit & vital Medium Adult is tailored to the requirements of adult, mid-sized dogs, and is ideal for normally active dogs from 11 to 25 kg. The tasty, balanced all-in-one food is based on the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept® and is enriched with valuable New Zealand mussels for greater mobility. Important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat. This very easily digestible, gluten-free formulation supports the immune system with vitamin C and specially selected herbs, giving your dog a healthier, happier life

    HAPPY DOG Mini XS Japan

    €10.70 incl tax €11.75 incl tax

    Mini XS Japan Chicken with Trout and Seaweed for your little gourmet Special feel-good moments with the well-balanced Japanese cuisine variety. Our unique combination of delicious trout, chicken meat and seaweed is a real taste experience for very small dogs. The easily digestible, gluten-free formulation, with linseed and apple pomace, is particularly gentle on the stomach and intestine, and due to its yucca schidigera content, helps to reduce stool odour. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, together with seaweed, promote a glossy coat and support the natural skin barrier in your dog. The extra-small croquettes are ideal for very small breed dogs up to 5 kg. All-in-one adult dog food for small and very small breeds.

    Happy Dog NaturCroq Puppy Food

    €4.28 incl tax €4.50 incl tax

    NaturCroq puppy food is the balanced and highly digestible dry food for puppies from 4 weeks to 6 months. High-quality proteins of animal origin, fully broken down indigenous grain, all necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements in this puppy food provide the best conditions for healthy growth. For medium and large breed puppies from 6 months we recommend Supreme Medium Junior or Supreme Maxi Junior with a lower protein content.

    • With valuable animal proteins (meat, fish & offal)
    • For optimal puppy growth
    • With native green herbs

    Happy Dog Original Puppy

    €5.70 incl tax €6.00 incl tax

    In the important first phase of life from the first to the sixth month of life, your puppy grows particularly intensively. It needs all the more nutrients to develop healthily. With the balanced puppy food fit & vital Puppy from Happy Dog you support the healthy growth of your new family member. The delicious complete food offers proteins from 5 selected animal products. The food also provides your pup with many natural nutrients: flaxseed contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. The ginger contained in the food strengthens the immune system and, like the New Zealand mussel meat, is good for your puppy's joints. Ideally in the main growth phase.

    • Balanced variety of proteins from poultry, fish, eggs and more
    • wheat-free formula
    • supports the immune system
    • with ginger and New Zealand mussels for the musculoskeletal system

    Happy Dog Premium - NaturCroq Lamb & Rice

    €3.99 incl tax €4.20 incl tax

    Ideal for sensitive dogs 100% balanced & appropriate No genetically modified products used 0% added sugar With natural ingredients locally grown in Bavaria With valuable local herbs Happy Dog Premium - NaturCroq Lamb & Rice Feeding lamb and rice has been proven to be effective for sensitive dogs. NaturCroq Lamm & Reis dry food the balanced dry food that is gentle on the stomach with nutritious lamb, easily digestible rice and a low fat content. It is therefore especially suitable for all sensitive dogs with normal energy and protein requirements and for all dogs with a light-coloured coat.

    Happy Dog

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