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    Prestige Exotic Nut Mix Parrot Treat 750g

    €5.95 incl tax
    Prestige Exotic Nut Mix Parrot Treat, 750g, for African Greys, Macaws and similar sized birds is a mix of selected grains which turns into a feast through the addition of delicious unshelled whole nuts, which Parrots simply enjoy spending their time breaking into for their tongue teasing reward.

    Versele Laga Complete Crock Carrot Treats for Small Pets

    €2.60 incl tax
    • Carrot treats for rabbits and small rodents
    • Show your small pet you love them with these healthy treats
    • The crispy outer shell stimulates small pets' gnawing instincts
    • The soft carrot filling of these treats is enriched with vitamins and omega 3
    • These rodent treats are easily digestible and do not contain any added sugars

    Versele Laga Complete Crock Herbs 50gr

    €2.60 incl tax

    Crocks are 100% natural treats with no added sugars. 

    Based on vegetables and granules (see details). 
    1 packaging: 50

    Versele Laga Crispy Sticks Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

    €3.65 incl tax
    Treats made from apples, pears, apricots, grapes and elderberry. Each box contains 2 sticks

    Versele-Laga Cavia Nature Guinea Pig

    €3.40 incl tax
    • Enriched complete mixture for guinea pigs

      Nature Cavia is a complete feed adapted to the nutritional requirements of guinea pigs. This premium blend of natural components contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids your pet needs to live a healthy and carefree life full of vitality.

      • A highly varied mixture: fibres, herbs, vegetables and fruit
      • Enriched with all the necessary nutrients for an optimal condition
      • Tasty fibre-rich food for a good ingestion and digestion; no pressed pellets

    Versele-Laga Cavia NAture Guinea Pig Adult 1.7Kg

    €10.45 incl tax

    Sufficient natural tooth wear. Helps prevent tooth problems.

    Linseed as a source of omega 3 and 6. Building blocks for a healthy coat.

    Long fibres for an optimal digestion. Natural nutrition with a rich structur

    Versele-Laga Chinchilla bath sand

    €5.40 incl tax
    • Specially suitable for chinchillas and other rodents as e.g. degus, gerbils and hamsters
    • Bacteriologically pure, absorbent mineral product
    • The structure of the small cleaning sand particles ensures a beautiful soft coat

    Versele-Laga Chinchilla Nature

    €3.40 incl tax
    • Chinchilla Nature food for chinchillas VERSELE LAGA
    • Balanced foods
    • Large proportion of vegetables and extruded pellets
    • Contains 14 different components
    • Grain-free
    • Enriched with freshly harvested alfalfa, extruded vegetables and herbs


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