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    Barbicide Drain unblocker Blitz 1Ltr

    €9.95 incl tax

    Highly concentrated and highly effective
    Blocked drains prevent dirty water containing product residues from flowing smoothly; baths and sinks cannot then be used optimally. Moreover, unpleasant odours are created and there is a risk of water damage. 
    This professional unblocking agent effectively removes any blockage. Its highly concentrated formula was specially developed for salons and their needs.  
    Drain Blitz effortlessly dissolves all hair, shampoo and conditioner residues and traces of other hair products without affecting the pipes. Thus, it tackles any blockage thoroughly and effectively! With regular use, it also keeps drains unclogged. 

    It's all in the details
    - Liquid unblocker
    - Concentrated salon formula
    - Ready-to-use
    - Dissolves hair, shampoo and conditioner without damaging the pipes
    - A King Research product
    - Content: 1 L

    Instructions for use
    Use 100 ml of Drain Blitz once a week to prevent blockages. Pour 100 ml into the drain, let the product soak in for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Is the drain already clogged? Then pour 200 ml of Drain Blitz down the drain, wait 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Kingcide Spray disinfect 1000ml

    €9.95 incl tax

    Hygiene at the highest level in the pet industry
    A clean environment and clean equipment guarantee our and others' safety and health. Regular disinfection and optimal hygiene are therefore not a luxury, but an absolute necessity!
    This bright blue disinfectant is specially designed for professional use and is known worldwide for its profound action and effectiveness. It kills germs and eliminates bacteria, viruses (e.g. Covid-19) and fungi in no time.
    For groomers, breeders and vets, Kingcide Spray is a must-have! You can easily and quickly disinfect tables, floors and objects with it. This disinfection spray is ready to use, which makes it the most efficient way to disinfect tools, appliances and surfaces. Thanks to its fast action, you have more time for your customers. Pet owners are also big fans of the Kingcide Spray.

    It’s all in the details
    • Professional disinfectant spray
    • Ready to use
    • Safe and reliable
    • For intensive and effective disinfection and cleaning of non-porous surfaces and objects that come into contact with dogs, cats and other pets
    • A must-have for grooming salons, kennels and veterinary practices
    • Also suitable for use at home
    • Alcohol-free
    • A King Research product
    • Available in different sizes
    • Exposure time: minimum 3 minutes