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    ProDen Glucosamine powder 250g

    €25.00 incl tax

    Glucosamine is essential to the body being able to form larger molecules present in joint fluids and cartilage and in helping the body to renew joint cartilage, bone, muscles, ligaments and sinews. Glucosamine is normally formed naturally in the body, bit in instances of stress, monotonous work or increased age a daily dose can prove very valuable.

    About Glucosamin
    Cartilage in and around the body joints is constantly wearing out and being renewed. Glucosamine is a natural body element substance formed from glucose (a kind of sugar). Dogs like to be active. This is their natural state. But most dogs become increasingly stiff with age. And they often become lazier and less playful. In many cases this stiffness creeps up on them. The first signs might be your dog finding it more difficult to get up, disliking jumping in and out of the car, reluctant to use stairs. Or you might notice your dog is no longer as energetic or as happy as before. This is often an entirely natural process and a sign of natural aging, but when mobility is reduced so much as to be a problem, a daily dose of Glucosamin can prove very valuable. Glucosamine is a natural building stone with the formation of new cartilage and an element normally present in the body. Glucosamin is a Swedish manufactured feed additive of the highest quality that can help your dog retain its lust for life, natural mobility and activity level longer. Especially suitable for large and/or very active dogs and dogs and cats getting on in years.

    Glucosamin can be valuable when your dog or cat:
    - Is reluctant to jump, play or walk up stairs
    - Goes slowly when you go out for a walk
    - Sits and gets up slowly and carefully
    - Seems cumbersome or clumsy
    - Begins to avoid or does not like to be touched

    Proden Kalm Aid keep pets calm & relaxed

    €10.50 incl tax
    • Kalmaid Proden Plateoff. 
    • Contains L-tryptophan and green tea extract. 
    • It provides essential amino acids. 
    • Stimulates the production of serotonin. 
    • Maintains calm and relaxation in animals. 
    • Contains thiamin (vitamin B1). 

    Visible effects in 90 minutes.

    ProDen Stomax Powder for digestive problems

    €15.95 incl tax

    Stomax® re-instate balance and the healthy bacteria flora in the intestines. Good intestinal flora has been proven to be of major importance to the well being of the body, while a spoiled bacteria flora has been proven of significance for the propagation of disease in both the intestines and the rest of the body.


    • effective in various digestive problems
    • strengthens the protective effect of the mucus of the stomach and intestinal mucosa and thus increases its protection
    • contributes to the restoration of the intestinal microflora and restores its balance
    • has a high ability to retain water (important for stools standardization)
    • contains prebiotic fiber for better nutrition and absorption of minerals


    Potato cell fiber (PV70), inactivated yeast, lecithin, inulin / oligofructose, vitamins and a mixture of amino acids.

    Additives per kg: Methionine 12.4 g, vit. B1 1200 mg, vit. B6 400 mg, 100 mg folic acid, vit B12 34 mg


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