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    €19.00 incl tax
    Dimensions: W7 x H107cm


    €12.95 incl tax
    Savic Dog Barrier Door Extension (7 cm x 3.5 Foot High)

    Savic dog barrier gate 75 cm

    €60.00 incl tax

    Savic Dog Barrier at a glance:

    Integrated door (50cm wide) for the dog owner
    Two-way door
    Door opening angle: 90°
    Adjustable from 75cm to 84cm
    Maximum length 112cm (using four extensions, available separately)
    Easy installation (no drilling)
    Includes wall rings approx. Ø 4cm
    Bar spacing apprx. 5.3 cm
    Colour: light brown
    Bars: metal
    Handle: plastic
    Dog Barrier 75cm: 75-84 x 4.5 x 75 cm (L x W x H)
    Dog Barrier Extension 75cm: 7 x 4.5 x 75 cm (L x W x H)


    €48.00 incl tax

    Dog Residence is a collapsible metal wire dog crate finished off with hammertone coating.

    This high-quality and solid coating ensures a long-lasting lifetime of the crate. Dog crates are ideal for travelling and housetraining your dog. But dog crates can also be used for prevention and assistance in resolving behavioural problems. Finally, dog crates provide a secure and safe place to sleep. The Dog Residence is easy to assemble, no tools are required.

    The Dog Residence crate is available in 6 different sizes: 50 cm, 61 cm, 76 cm, 91 cm, 107 cm and 118 cm. Dog Residence 50 & 61 cm have a front and top door. The other sizes have a front and side door.

    • Benefits of the Dog Residence:
    • housetraining your puppy
    • offering a safe way for transporting your dog
    • preventing your dog from chewing and damaging your home
    • safeguarding a puppy or dog from potentially dangerous household items such as toxic cleaning chemicals and electrical wires
    • providing a place to keep your dog while recuperating from an injury or illness
    • providing a secure place to sleep, your dog will use the crate as a retreat, just like its own home in your home

    SAVIC Puppy Play Pen

    €57.00 incl tax

    Dog Park is a puppy and dog play pen.

    It is ideal for housetraining, travelling and assistance in behavioral problems as it contains your pet in a safe way. The Dog Park can be expended with an additional pen or panels to cover a larger area. The large embedded door with catches has a wide walk trough entrance.

    The Dog Park is finished off in black e-coating and is available in 3 heights: 61 cm, 91 cm and 107 cm.


    Size 1: 61 x 61 cm

    Size 2: 61 x 91 cm

    Size 3: 61 x 107cm

    Features and Benefits:

    Puppy park

    Composed of 8 elements

    A panel has a door

    Panels fitted with hinges

    Finishing rod

    Good resistance to corrosion

    Place occupied: 4.80m

    Quick set-up

    Carrying handle

    Easily movable or transportable

    Ideal for trips, dog shows


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