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    Artero Aurigel Ear Cleaner

    €13.50 incl tax

    One of the aims in developing Aurigel was to make it easy to apply accurately. Aurigel comes in the form of a gel, which allows it to be administered in specific doses, it then liquefies when it comes in contact with the skin, rapidly penetrating and emulsifying excess wax and dirt. It contains Tea Tree oil, which is an essential oil with a clinically tested bacteriostatic and fungistatic penetrating germicide. 100ml

    Artero Podium Strong Hold Hair Spray 400ml

    €18.95 incl tax
    Artero Podium Strong Hold Hair Spray has been specially formulated to provide maximum hold while leaving no residue in the coat. Ideal for show top knots, this hair spay is resistant to shocks and the dog's movement. Presented in an elegant 400 ml can.

    Artero Static Control Antistatic Spray 150 ml

    €10.95 incl tax
    Use on clean coats. For an anti-static/fuzz effect, spray sparingly over coat, then brush in the natural direction of the hair. To create volume generousy spray over coat and then back-comb. (against the natural direction of the hair). Repeat until desired effect’s achieved. Does not affect the natural color of the coat and does not leave residuals of product on coat.


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