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    Groom-X Professional Cabin Dryer XL

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    Drying dogs (or cats) is time consuming and is often the longest part of the whole grooming process. Whether you are a breeder, handler, groomer or pet owner, there is no doubt that you want to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Are you a professional groomer and would you like to save precious time in your salon? Do you have a pet with a long or thick coat? Then this is definitely your dream solution. The Groom-X Professional Cabin Dryer XL helps you to dry all breeds of dogs and cats in no time!  

    A drying cabin is a real must-have for groomers who have a very busy schedule and want to save time without losing quality. This professional cabin dryer frees up your time and energy so you can groom more dogs every day! Time is money and a cabin dryer will quickly pay for itself and make your job as a groomer easier.  

    It is also a very useful tool if you have to groom and dry cats, puppies, older dogs or dogs that are very sensitive and easily stressed. Happy, stress-free pets make for happy, stress-free groomers!  

    Cabin Dryers

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