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    Cat Coat Care

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    Bubimex Salmon oil for cats and dogs

    €11.95 incl tax

    Salmon oil for cats and dogs is widely recognized for its beauty benefits for the skin and coat, this dietary supplement is in fact a complete source of well-being.


    • Rich in essential fatty acids including the famous Omega 3, EPA and DHA, salmon oil has recognized effectiveness in the following areas:
    • food supplement for cats and dogs with beneficial health benefits, also suitable for lactating bitches
    • salmon oil: rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
    • grain-free: also suitable for allergies and food intolerances
    • skin and coat health: contributes to coat shine and skin health
    • stimulates the immune system: strengthens the natural defences
    • reduces age-related problems: prevents arthritis and rheumatism and reduces their symptoms
    • stimulates appetite: perfectly complements meals for difficult dogs or dogs with little appetite


    250 ml pump-bottle


    This bottle is supplied with a very practical dosing spout, which allows you to precisely dose the intake for your animal and not to waste salmon oil:


    - 1 to 2 pressures per day for cats and small dogs weighing less than 6 kg


    - 4 to 8 pressures per day for medium and large dogs


    Administer the oil with the food




    100% salmon oil

    Omega 3 and 6, more than 9%

    EPA and DHA, 7%

    Chris Christensen Coatlink Coat Hydration for dry coats

    €16.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Coatlink Coat Dressing (Aerosol) 283G

    A leave-in humectant developed especially for hydration that replenishes dry coats, adding 4 x more moisturisers including lanolin. This easy-to-use foam formula works wonders for lightness and makes styling easier, along with creating long-lasting volume and manageability. An excellent product for daily use to grow coat.

    • Replenishes moisture
    • Adds shine
    • Suitable for all coat types
    • Long lasting volume

    Chris Christensen Hold For Sure 296ml

    €19.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Hold For Sure 296ml

    Super long-lasting coat spray that effectively fights against the effects of humidity, holding the finished style in place all day! Expertly formulated to lock styles in place, while providing manageability and gloss.

    • Super strong hold
    • Humidity resistant
    • Natural look and feel
    • Expertly formulated to lock styles in place

    Directions: Hold can 8-10 inches from the coat and spray evenly over finished style. Lift hair and spray thoroughly for volume and texture. Cover or protect eyes while spraying.

    Chris Christensen Ice On Ice Ultra Dematting Spray 236ml

    €19.95 incl tax

    Ice on Ice Ultra Dematting Spray combines the superior, much-loved performance of Ice on Ice with a revolutionary new aerosol delivery system that penetrates deep into the hair shaft, moisturising from within to seal hydration and reduce frizz! Aids in helping tangles slid out with ease, and even remove the most stubborn of matts.

    • Lightweight formula
    • Dematts and detangles
    • Conditions and protects
    • Moisturises from within


    Dry Coat: Fully saturate the effected area. Gently massage product into the matt with your fingers. Let product absorb into the coat for 1-2 minutes then brush through and style as usual.

    Damp Coat: Fully saturate the effected area. Gently massage product into the matt with your fingers. Brush through and style as usual.

    Chris Christensen Systems V-Force Volume Blast 207 ml

    €19.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen V-Force Volume Blast 207ml

    Styling spray that instantly creates buildable volume that’s almost as light as air to give a natural voluminous finish with lasting results on dry coats. Infused with powerful plant-based ingredients that add volume by increasing the space between hair fibres and absorbs excess oils that weigh down the coat to result in instant, weightless, lasting volume. Innovative formula to thicken thin, fly-away hair and add all over density with no residue. Gives the coat lift like no other while providing a natural feel and texture. Anti-frizz formula adds flexibility, fullness and thickness to the coat.

    • Natural feel
    • Instant volume
    • Zero residue
    • Anti-frizz formula

    CHRIS CHRISTENSEN Tame It smooths & eliminates frizz

    €12.95 incl tax

    Lightweight Styling Cream.

    Tame It Smooth is a styling cream that when used as part of the Tame It System smooths, conditions and eliminates frizz by blocking humidity without weighing hair down. Infused with Argan Oil, Tame ItTM Smooth deeply nourishes, creating luxuriously soft coat that stays all day!

    This unique formula creates a weightless, invisible shield that wraps around each strand blocking humidity and taming fly-a-ways. Tame It Smooth’s light, airy texture leaves hair polished with body and bounce – perfect for drop coats!

    Chris Christensen Top Cat Anti-Static Spray 236ml

    €19.00 incl tax

    Top Cat Anti-Static Spray

    Chris Christensen Top Cat Anti-Static Spray is a leave-in spray that tames even the unruliest coat. The Anti-Static Spray works in between the individual hairs to diffuse static and quench dry coats. This creates a gorgeous shine without weighing down the coat.

    • Cuts down static
    • Adds manageability
    • Reduced fragrances
    • Removed dyes
    • Clean ingredients
    • Great on all coat types
    • Made in the USA

    All Top Cat products have been human tested and are safe for your cats

    DezynaDog Magic Dry 1ltr

    €24.00 incl tax
    DezynaDog Magic Dry solution is indicated to reduce drying time in dogs and cats. It has a unique formula that neutralizes the hair's natural ability to retain water molecules, thus dramatically reducing drying time. It is enriched with a moisturizing agent also used in human cosmetics to make brushing easier during drying. A real help in salons, both for groomers and for puppies or cats who lose patience during drying. Irresistible fruity aroma! Magic Formula!

    DezynaDog Magic Formula Amazing Trix

    €10.50 incl tax

    Fresh and fragrant essential grooming spray regarded by many that groom as ‘Magic’ grooming spray. Amazing by name and amazing by nature as this product does exactly what it says on the bottle. Conditions the coat to help groom without breakage and damage to prevent tangles and matts. Aids de-matting and de-tangling as every spray of this amazing grooming formula helps ease them away with no nonsense.

    Increases coat manageability and control, can be used wet or dry or while blow drying. Enhances body and lustre giving a shine when finishing or refreshing the coat on a groom to look, smell and feel fabulous. Use regularly for coat preservation and easy maintenance grooming. Reduces and prevents static to aid a professional quality finish. Ideal for helping to revive and restore coats making it the perfect solution for an easy coat care routine. Pleasant lingering fragrance that will make you want to use it over and over again.

    DezynaDog Super Shine Spray 250ml

    €12.30 incl tax

    DezynaDog’s protein serum shine spray helps to leave your dog with a dazzling shine. This unique formula conditions the coat, adding an incredible shine and can also aid as a detangling spray, helping the brush or comb glide through the dog’s coat.

    • Use before or after washing for a great shine

    Direction: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through to help with any tangles or knots   

    Groom Professional Wondercoat Detangling Spray

    €11.95 incl tax

    This wonderful product will add an instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long-haired coats.

    • Helps to condition both the coat and skin
    • Has a clean fresh smell
    • Leaves no grease or residue 
    • Suitable for short of long coats

    To Use: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through. Depending on the coat use either a comb or a slicker brush. This can be used before washing and after washing to give the coat excellent condition.

    Show Tech+ Sticky Ticky Top Knot Gel 50ml

    €12.95 incl tax

    Extreme hold styling solution

    There is nothing more annoying than stubborn, fluffy hair on your show dog’s head. Put an end to this hair problem with the Show Tech+ Sticky Ticky!

    First aid with styling stress

    With Sticky Ticky, you can instantly get rebellious hair under control and give your four-legged star a prize-winning look. This transparent, liquid hairspray is specially designed to style even smaller body parts to perfection. It helps to hold and fix the shorter, bouncy flyaways in topknots.

    Its hair-conditioning and moisturising ingredients make the hair softer, intensely shiny and perfectly fixed. The hydrating and film-forming properties of the wheat proteins present give the hair more body. Allantoin improves hair elasticity and moisturises, making the hair softer and shinier. Plus, the soothing and conditioning ingredient lanolin retains the moisture in the hair, making it more hydrated and easier to style.

    Through its effective sticky action, Sticky Ticky tames frizzy hair. This hair styling product is excellent for styling a beautiful, tight topknot at shows. All hairs will stick together and stay fixed. It is easy and precise to apply thanks to the unique brush. Use Sticky Ticky to add definition and unmatched shine to the hair.

    It comes in a handy little bottle that you can easily take to dog shows, competitions and photo shoots.

    It’s all in the details

    • Invisible hair hold
    • Show product that helps you create perfect, long-lasting and frizz-free topknots
    • Tool for taming and fixing shorter, unruly and frizzy hairs
    • For maximum hold
    • Suitable for styling dog breeds that have topknots and all wire-haired dogs with eyebrows and beards
    • Ideal for shows or grooming competitions, for a perfect finish in the grooming salon and during photo shoots
    • With hair-conditioning and moisturising ingredients (wheat proteins, allantoin and lanolin)
    • Presented in a convenient, small bottle with applicator brush included
    • Contents: 50 ml

    Cat Coat Care

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