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    Cat Coat Care

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    €24.95 incl tax
    Chris Christensen Bottoms Up Coat Lifter is a concentrated thickening and bodifying spray that lifts and separates while enhancing the coats lustre, volume and manageability. Ideal to use on coats that are flat with fine, limp hair - this product will transform the coat leaving it feeling thicker and volumised! It works by closing and aligning the cuticle layers in the hairs increasing shine with an added sizing agent to lock in the shape and volume. The bonding system provides long lasting volume and lift that is not stiff, heavy or tacky with added humidity protection. Can be diluted, depending on coat, up to 8 to 1. Dilution ration will vary based on the texture of the hair and the desired end results.


    €17.50 incl tax
    Hold for Sure is an instant-drying, long-lasting holding spray that gives resistance to the effects of high humidity, with superior holding power, manageability and gloss. It contains natural Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, a natural antioxidant, which prevents flaking. Aloe Vera is also known for its natural sunscreen properties, helping to protect the coat and skin from UV damage. Contain Aloe Vera Strong Hold High Gloss Humidity Resistant


    €16.95 incl tax
    Ice on Ice Ultra Conditioning Dematting Spray combines the superior performance of Ice on Ice Ready-to-Use with a revolutionary new aerosol delivery system that penetrates deep into the hair shaft, moisturizing from within, sealing in hydration and reducing frizz! Tangles slide out effortlessly, and even the most stubborn matts are no match for Ice on Ice Ultra! DRY COAT: Fully saturate the effected area. Gently massage product into the matt with your fingers. Let product absorb into the coat for 1-2 minutes. Brush through and continue styling as usual. DAMP COAT: Fully saturate the effected area. Gently massage product into the matt with your fingers. Brush through and continue styling as usual.


    €20.06 incl tax
    Lift for Sure with Volume Control Complex volumizes at the root, creating gravity-defying body and bounce that lasts all day! Lift for Sure’s unique formula adds a slight texture to the coat allowing you to easily add more volume by lightly teasing the coat! Directions: Shake well. Apply to clean wet or dry coat. Separate hair and spray directly onto roots and work into the hair with fingertips. Continue with normal styling routine. Product Highlights: - LIFTS HAIR AT ROOT - NATURAL LOOK AND FEEL - PRECISE APPLICATION


    €14.50 incl tax
    Super Hold Coat Spray is a supreme waterless fixative. Providing amazing long lasting hold. A revolutionary different kind of coat spray that is water-free. Fast drying on contact for strong control. Instant hold that last and last without stickiness or flaking, ensuring a perfect hold every time.


    €14.50 incl tax
    Chris Christensen Systems Thick N Thicker aerosol delivery system gives you the ultimate control with a continuous even spray pattern. Immediately builds body, volume and lift, texturizing from the inside and out to change the diameter of the hair. Flexible and non-tacky, leaves coat touchable with a natural feel and look. The Thick N Thicker formula features 21 essential vitamins and amino acids including natural Copolymer, Pathenal and Lanolin. The advantage of Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier is that it intensifies color and shine, giving the coat a moisture balance with no flaking. The benefit of Thick N Thicker is that it will leave the coat with a natural feel, natural look, high sheen, supple texture and more lift and volume than you have ever had. INSTRUCTIONS: Spray Thick N Thicker on the hair before scissoring. Sets hair to help with scissoring with being sticky.

    Groom Professional Wondercoat Detangling Spray

    €10.75 incl tax

    This wonderful product will add an instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long-haired coats.

    • Helps to condition both the coat and skin
    • Has a clean fresh smell
    • Leaves no grease or residue 
    • Suitable for short of long coats

    To Use: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through. Depending on the coat use either a comb or a slicker brush. This can be used before washing and after washing to give the coat excellent condition.

    Mr. Groom Show Groom Conditioning Spray

    €16.95 incl tax
    Sunscreen mink oil and vitamine E By Mr. Groom Show Groom helps restore and maintain the natural moisture balance through the penetrating action of mink oil, vitamine E and other conditioning factors. Dry, flaky skin becomes smooth and supple. Sunscreen helps reduce coat discoloration due to exposure to the sun. Continued use once or twice weekly will maintain the improved coat.

    Cat Coat Care

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