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    Cat Flea & Ticks Treatment

    Help to protect your cat's health with our range of Dog Flea, Tick & Wormers. These little pests can cause your dog great discomfort, so our selection works to prevent such breakouts, or treat those pets who have been unlucky enough to succumb to it.

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    €4.00 incl tax

    Beaphar lotion stop parasites cats and dogs 250ml

    €9.70 incl tax

    Pest repellent lotion 
    For dogs and cats 
    Immobilises fleas and lice 
    immediate action, without pesticides, without chemical insecticide 
    Respects animals, humans and the environment 
    Ideal for lactating and pregnant females 

    Dimethicare Lotion by Beaphar is specially designed for dogs and cats. 
    It is based on Dimethicone, which physically immobilises the parasites by acting as a sticky trap, by simple contact of the product. 
    Parasites can not move and fall off the animal or can be removed by brushing the coat. 
    Dimethicone stops infestations of fleas and lice in all life stages of parasites: eggs, larvae and adult insects. 
    Dimethicare lotion is the ideal solution for pregnant and lactating females. 
    Its action is immediate and lasts for 10 days.

    The specific formula of this product: 
    - Respects your animal, man and the environment  
    - Does not contain any chemical insecticide 
    - Contains no pesticide: The Dimethicare lotion also contains Aloe Vera which is known for its benefits on the skin. epidermis. 
    It nourishes, protects and softens the coat. The solution is suitable for the most sensitive epidermis and does not stick the hair. 
    Dimethicare Lotion by Beaphar is the ideal alternative to chemical insecticides.


    €8.95 incl tax
    Immobilises fleas and lice. Acts on adult parasites, larvae and eggs. It is pesticide and chemical insecticide free. Great for pregnant and nursing mothers. Works immediately.

    Drontal Cat Deworming Tablet

    €2.45 incl tax
    Treatment of every type of intestinal worm commonly found 1 tablet per 4kgs


    €12.95 incl tax
    • Keep your pet and bedding free from fleas & ticks
    • Lasts up to 1 whole year
    • Non Toxic - 100% Natural
    • Efficient - Fast & Effective
    • Environmentally Friendly

    An ultrasonic device, about the size of an identity tag, that clips to a dog or cat's collar. Ultrasonic sounds help keep your pet and bedding free from fleas, ticks and other unwanted visitors. Chemically free, so ideal for any pet not matter how young or old. Batteries inlcuded.

    Cat Flea & Ticks Treatment

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