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    Cat Litter Tray

    Cat Litter Tray

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    €8.50 incl tax
    Educator spray for dog and cat. Special composition to accustom dogs, cats, puppies and kittens to perform their needs in impregnated places.

    Cat Iris Litter Box

    €7.00 incl tax

    Features and Benefits:

    • Modern design cat litter box with or without removable rim. 
    • The litter box has a low entry height for easy access. 
    • The rim, with a cat's paw pattern, prevents litter from flying around and helps keep the surrounding area clean and tidy.

    Dimension :

    • Length: 42cm
    • Width: 31cm
    • Height: 12.5cm

    Cat Jumbo Litter Tray

    €45.00 incl tax

    Jumbo toilet house designed for large cat breeds or owners of multiple cats.

    It has a sturdy handle for transporting it and an anti-odor filter.

    The top of the house folds up which allows the crate to be cleaned without removing the lid.

    Length: 66 cm
    Width: 48.5 cm
    Height: 46.50 cm

    The door is very wide 27 cm high by 25.5 cm wide.

    Cat Litter Box Bordless

    €6.00 incl tax


    • Length: 50cm
    • Width: 37.5cm
    • Height: 10.5cm

    Cat Litter Buxxo Closed

    €31.70 incl tax


    • Length: 58cm
    • Width: 39cm
    • Height: 56cm

    Cat Litter Iris Box Bordless

    €5.50 incl tax


    • Length: 50cm
    • Width: 37.5cm
    • Height: 10.5cm


    €6.00 incl tax
    This pearl litter enables you to obtain cat urine samples without using a cat catheter and therefore it is painless for cats. Use pearls just as a normal litter. The pearls do not absorb the urine which will deposit in the base of the litter box and can be collected using the pipette. Collect enough urine to fill up the test glass.

    FREEDOG Cat Litter Box

    €9.50 incl tax


    €15.00 incl tax
    Cat Litter Tray - 45x3631cm

    Honeycomb Litter Mat for cat litter tray

    €16.95 incl tax

    Waterproof litter mat that collects litter residues thanks to its specific honeycomb design.

    Dimension: 42 x 56 cm.

    Features and Benefits:

    Thanks to the Litter Mat, your house will remain clean and free from any litter residue .
    With its quality velcro materials, the OH MY CAT Litter Mat is preserved over time!
    Non-slip, it remains fixed to the ground and resists the comings and goings of your cat.
    You can easily pour the contents of the mat into the litter at the end of the day and / or rinse it with clean water.
    The advantages of the litter mat:

    Ultra-easy cleaning
    Captures all litter residue
    Fast drying
    Stifles odors
    Anti slip


    Ideal Dog Cat Front opening litter box

    €28.90 incl tax

    Toilet house for cats. Comes with litter scoop. 

    With door opening on the front

    • Height : 41cm
    • Width : 40cm
    • Length : 50cm

    LeoPet Cat Beta Tollet litter with frame

    €6.50 incl tax

    Cat Litter Tray

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