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    Cat Travel Carrier

    Cat Travel Carrier are small portable boxes were you can transport your cat.Either if its a visit to the vet  or for outdoor fun, you can include them anywhere you go .

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    Freedog Crossworld Pet Carrier

    €51.95 incl tax

    The Crossworld pet carrier is an ideal accessory with which you can carry your dog or cat from one side to the other. Actually, you can use this bag even as a travel suitcase, because it has an exclusive and super modern design. The materials with which it has been made are resistant and safe (oxford 900d) to transport your pet with complete peace of mind. This dog and cat carry bag is super comfortable for animals. It has a stable base so that it does not tip over and a top opening and on both sides so that the animal can observe the outside and feel calmer. In addition, it has a strap inside so you can tie it to the necklace or harness for added security. It also has a practical pocket on one side to store documentation or some snacks. It also incorporates a compartment to dispense the stool collection bags. Its magnificent design allows it to be opened completely from the top

    Size 35x23x51cm

    Freedog Mochila Fuji Grey

    €71.00 incl tax
    Size: 42x39x26 cm

    FREEDOG Pet Carrier ASPEN Blue

    €50.00 incl tax
    Size 45x28x28cm


    €2.75 incl tax

    Freedog Travel Car Seat

    €45.00 incl tax
    Size 44x29x34cm

    Freedog Waterproof boot cover

    €26.50 incl tax

    LEOPET Cat Transport Plastic Carrier

    €25.00 incl tax
    Size: 44.5x26.5x28cm Height

    LEOPET Cat Transport XL Pratico Metal

    €26.50 incl tax
    Size 59.5cmx39.5x40h

    LeoPet Cat Travel Carrier with Integrated Litter pan

    €56.00 incl tax

    The Midwest Skudo Plastic Pet Carrier is the ideal solution when traveling with your pet. Made of durable plastic, this pet carrier features a built-in litter tray and litter scoop. The convenient litter tray is located in the base of the carrier and can be accessed by sliding the plastic lid out giving the cat access to the litter. The entire tray can then be removed from the base and dumped or scooped clean using the provided litter scoop. Great for long drives with your cat, rabbit or other litter trained pets. The plastic litter scoop is conveniently stored in its own compartment in the front of the carrier base. There is even room to throw in some liners or trash bags to make dumping the litter easier. The carrier is equipped with a metal grid door and a convenient carrying handle. Snap-lock buckles ensure easy assembly while the vents provide circulation and optimal visibility. The Midwest Skudo carrier is sure to provide your pet with the necessary needs to be safe and comfortable while traveling.

    Leopet IATA Travel Cage 55x36x35h

    €26.95 incl tax

    Black color
    Openings with zippers on both sides.
    The bubble can be replaced by a ventilation grid.
    Flat bottom to ensure optimal stability for the animal.
    Ventilation grid on both sides of the bag.
    Ventilation eyelets on the front and back of the bag.
    Ergonomic handle.

    LeoPet Stain Steel non Tipping

    €3.50 incl tax

    Savic Trotter Travel Cage for cats & dogs

    €39.50 incl tax
    • Metal ventilation grille on the front held in place with hooks.
    • 5 body retaining clips
    • The top part can be completely removed to put your pet more easily in the crate
    • Equipped with a handle
    • Approved by airlines - IATA standard (we advise you to check with your airline)

    3 colors available:

    • Gray
    • Blue
    • Pink


    • M: L. 56 x l. 37.5 x h. 33 cm - Max recommended weight 7 kg

    Cat Travel Carrier

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