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    Chris Christensen Colestral Chalk Helper Tube

    €15.95 incl tax

    This conditioning crème from Chris Christensen helps to replace lost moisture and acts as an ideal foundation for chalking. Colestral acts as a primer to lock the chalk in place and strengthens the coat, protecting it from damage and breakage.

    • Restores critical moisture
    • Excellent chalk base
    • Protects against breakage and damage of the chalk
    • Acts as a primer to hold the chock in place and strengthens the coat

    Show Tech+ Magic Powder brush

    €6.95 incl tax
    These professional powder brushes are ideal for all detail work where accuracy is paramount. Ultra-soft bristles enable just the right amount of powder to be used for perfect results. Available in 2 sizes.

    Show Tech+ Powder Puffer 50 ml

    €8.95 incl tax

    Apply powder easily - no mess!

    This handy, refillable spray bottle has a long metal tube nozzle. Thanks to the extended nozzle, you get to easily apply powder on long and wiry coats or on less reachable body parts.

    Pump up the volume

    What’s more, you can create extra volume at the base of the coat near the roots, even in full and long-coated dogs. To best work its magic, the Show Tech+ Powder Puffer needs to be filled with (coloured) chalk, talc or styling and gripping powder.

    With this well-designed tool, you won’t have a clogged bottle and the powder is nicely sprayed and distributed on the coat.

    It’s all in the details

    • Refillable spray bottle  
    • To apply any powder quickly and precisely 
    • Long nozzle to get deep into the coat 
    • Material bottle: glass 
    • Content capacity: 50 ml

    When to use

    Applying any powder in the coat is not easy, but with this dispenser it is easy and quick.

    Perfect for accurately colouring or accentuating certain areas of the coat. Usually if you apply coloured powder, you end up wearing the colour yourself. Thanks to this easy applicator, you can apply the powder at the roots without any effort or mess.

    Hair sprays at dog shows aren’t allowed anymore. For breeds like poodles, this may pose a problem. In this case, styling and gripping powder is a perfect alternative. With the Show Tech+ Powder Puffer, applying is now easy.

    Use instructions
    How to use and apply powder deep in the coat for extra volume:

    Not suitable for liquids, only for powders. Just put some powder in the dispenser and aim the long nozzle in the coat until you feel the skin. Then gently squeeze the rubber ball to apply the powder with precision. Change your position and repeat until you get the desired resul



    Chalk Helper

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