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    Callisto XL Illuminated Electric Grooming Table

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    Tray dimensions: 120cm x 60cm

    Max weight supported by the table: 150kg.


    Reinforced foot control.

    Stem adjustable in height.


    Variable height: 
    - low position 25.5 cm
    - high position 95 cm


    The non-slip coating does not affect the light from below and creates a safe surface for the animal.
    The LED plate has a long lifespan over 40,000 hours.

    Groom-X LowLine Salon Table Illuminated Top

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    The Lowline tables from Groom-X are packed full of practical features and designed around a sturdy scissor lift frame which is both stable and efficient.

    Generous table top measures 110 x 60 cm and features internal lighting and a perspex top to allow the light to illuminate your work. Supplied with a loose translucent deluxe table topper which is both anti-slip and easy to clean. An added advantage of this smooth table topper is the ability to slide your scissor around the dog’s paw when grooming the feet!

    This illuminated table makes grooming black and dark coloured breeds much, much easier!

    Ultra-low minimum height of only 32 cm! Lifts up to 100 kilos smoothly and effortlessly to a maximum of 102 cm. Handy foot pedal control leaves your hands free for the dog!

    Each table has hooks for hanging your clippers or other tools and two 230V sockets (with safety circuit breaker) to power clippers, nailgrinders, straightening irons or even just to charge your phone!

    The adjustable control frame with nooses is included.

    Speed from lowest to highest position - 37 sec
    Speed motor (cm/s) - 1,9 cm/s
    Lowest level - 32 cm
    Highest level- 102 cm
    Maximal weight - 100 kg
    Voltage - 230V
    Frequency - 60Hz


    Jupiter Electric Grooming Table

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    Electric table with fixed rectangular table top (60 x 110 cm) covered with an easy care non-slip mat. For all dog breeds. Significant table top height variation of 59 cm (low position 39 cm / high position 98 cm). Remote control electric jack. Delivered with 2 straps.

    Epoxy treated steel frame rests on a double-pantograph base assembled on 2 adjustable parts ensuring excellent stability.
    The height of the double arm can be adjusted by two lateral screws, and is equipped with 3 fixation points and 2 hooks to hang up scissors or clippers

    Professional Electric Grooming Table Himalia

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    Maximum weight supported by the table: 100Kgs


    This table has casters allowing the table to be moved at will and its structure guarantees very good stability for safe grooming.


    The adjustable feet allow the table to be adjusted to any floor. The double stem, adjustable in height by two side screws, is equipped with 3 attachment points and 2 hooks that can take scissors and clippers.

    Cylinder operated by foot control. Comes with two straps


    Variation in the height of the 72 cm top:
    - low position 29 cm
    - high position 101 cm


    Tray dimensions: 110 x 60 cm

    Professional XL Electric Grooming Table

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    Grooming table with electric actuator with foot control and double stem.

    Its X-shape is innovative and it has a powerful but silent motor.
    The tray is removable and easily washable.
    She can handle all breeds of dogs.


    Max weight supported by the table: 150kg.


    €25.00 incl tax

    These leather gloves will protect your fingers, hands and arms from pain, bites and contagious scratches. 

    Thanks to its long length it protects the whole arm.Suitable for grooming cats, dogs but also for bird care, reptiles etc.

    Show Tech Table Chain Extension for Table Nooses

    €9.50 incl tax
    Extension chain for professional grooming tables, used to adjust the height of grooming nooses and belly straps. Length 24 cm.


    €24.00 incl tax
    This rubber/vinyl mat measures 111.5 x 60 cm and has an easy clean raised profi le antislip surface. Light grey or green color gives better contrast to dark coats.

    Venus Professional Electric Grooming Table

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    Grooming table with electric actuator with fixed rectangular top of 110 x 60 cm.
    Variation in the height of the 47 cm deck:
    - low position 50 cm
    - high position 97 cm

    A double stainless steel stem has 2 mower support hooks and 3 hooks for attaching the 2 straps supplied.

    Electric cylinder operated by foot control. 1 year warranty.


    Maximum weight: 100Kgs

    Electric Grooming Tables

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