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    €12.95 incl tax
    Complementary feed for dogs in paste, especially those subjected to efforts like work or sport. Product designed and created specifically for those dogs that have an immediate and effective need for an energy supplement. As for man, even the animal, subjected to a continuous effort given both by work and by a sport that requires a lot of energy, may need immediate integration. Its specifically designed ingredients, aimed at the animal's energetic support, provide "energy ready to use" to help the dog during the activity. Thus was born CelerVis Pet® which, thanks to all its ingredients, specifically studied, aimed at supporting the animal's energy (for example, vitamins such as B12 or B6; minerals such as iron; proteins such as taurine and carnitine) , provides "ready to use energy" to help the dog during the activity. For this purpose, the choice of the appropriate dosage form is also aimed, a paste that is easier to administer to your animal and also more easily assimilated; in quantities, according to weight, as per instructions on the package. In its renewed formulation has been added the blend ProVisPet® , exclusively for Dogoteka, which combines the properties of Carnitine, Maca (Lepidium Meyeni) and Medical Herb (Medicago Sativa) in a mix specially designed to promote the proposed action of the product. A pool of substances that work together to optimize the energy yield of the ingredients. Carnitine, an amino acid important for the formation of energy, in association with the two plant extracts which, within their composition, boast a large amount of all those nutrients, also essential for energy support during periods of stress or great efforts and to integrate the components that are "consumed" during physical activity. Formulation able to offer the body a prolonged energy reserve over time. Recommended for dogs that: practice sport or work convalescent subjects debilitated subjects lactating females post-operative

    Dog Flex for joints. strong tendons, ligaments and bones

    €22.00 incl tax

    Dog Flex is perfect for lubrication of the joints, strong tendons, ligaments and bones!
    Supplementary feed for dogs.
    Dog Flex contains MSM, hydrolysed Collagen type II, Glucosamine (HCL), Chondroitin sulfate, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic body lubricant.
    Dog Flex strengthens the tendons, ligaments and supports the maintenance of cartilage.
    Dog Flex is well suited as a maintenance for dogs at old age.
    The collagen has a quick effect on the joints with visible results. The dog will jump smoothly again.

    Excellent for
    • Dogs at old age
    • Pregnant dogs
    • Overweight dogs
    • Active dogs
    Feed instruction
    First 7 days:
    Dog: 10 ml per 10 kilo bodyweight per day. Mix through the food.
    Dog: 5 ml per 10 kilo bodyweight per day. Mix through te food.
    Always apply consultation with the veterinarian during pregnancy and lactation.

    Dog Mobility Plus - support of tendons, cartilage, ligaments

    €10.00 incl tax

    Dog Mobility Plus
    Dog Mobility Plus is the most complete formula for lubrication and support of tendons, cartilage, ligaments and joints. Effective composition!
    Perfect for the lubrication of joints!
    Supplementary feed for dogs.
    Dog Mobility Plus is made of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.
    Dog Mobility Plus contains in addition to these specific nutrients, Perna canaliculus with healing properties. Protects joints at pressure.
    Dog Mobility Plus supports the normal lubrication of the joints and helps the maintenance of the cartilage.
    Green lipped mussel contains unique Omega 3 fatty acids and building blocks for joints, cartilage and bones.
    Excellent for
    • Dogs at old age
    • Pregnant dogs
    • Overweight dogs
    • Growing puppies
    • Performance dogs (sport dogs)
    Easily mix through the food.
    First 7 days:
    Dog: 5 gr per day.
    Dog: 1 – 3 gr per day.


    €8.50 incl tax
    Using a special variety of Kelp, Fucus vesiculosus, which is a rich source of minerals, trace elements and organic fibres, this supplement makes a great nutritional supplement and also promotes coat growth and helps to maintain good pigmentation, especially through the winter. The kelp used is harvested from sustainable deep sea sources and its British Herbal Pharmacopoeia status shows it contains no heavy metals or contaminants. For a higher strength preparation try our Kelp Seaweed Tablets which also contain concentrated kelp extract.


    €10.95 incl tax
    Containing tasty and nutritious ingredients this herbal supplement is idea for tempting pets with poor appetites. • Aniseed in the formula aids digestion and is appealing to the taste • Kelp provides all the essential micronutrients • Malt extracts gives energy as well as vitamin B These great sources of energy and micronutrients mean this is the supplement to give fussy eaters or animals recovering from physical or mental challenges and needing to restore body condition.

    Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats

    €9.50 incl tax
    Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules contain the highest available levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the omega 6 fatty acid, beneficial for skin and coat condition. Skin renewal, scurfiness, dryness and coat shine are all influenced by the important omega fatty acids. Evening Primrose Oil Capsules are recommended for preparation of show dogs, breeds with long coats and after a moult or other conditions causing hair loss. Evening primrose is also well known for its ability to restore reproductive hormone imbalances which can affect behaviour and coat quality.

    FORBID makes stool taste disagreable

    €5.50 incl tax

    FORBID gradually stops the subject from ingesting its own faeces in case of coprophagia. The substances contained in FORBID make faeces taste absolutely unsavoury even in case of partial intake. Its action reduces the risk of re-infestation, preventing parasite eggs from being taken into the body through faecal material.
    How to use
    Add FORBID to the feed according to the following daily doses
    Animal Levelled measuring spoons
    Cats and small size dogs (<10 kg) ........................................½-1
    Medium size dogs (10-25 kg) ................................................1-1 and ½
    Large size dogs (>25 kg) ....................................................... 2 and ½
    A minimum 15-day dosing cycle, to be extended according to th



    €2.75 incl tax

    HempOne + Omega Oil Dog and Cat

    €10.75 incl tax

    Complementary feed for dogs and cats

    Powerful blend of hemp seed oil and vegetable oils. Rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to support the joint function and for a beautifully shiny coat.
    Supports optimal intestinal function and has a beneficial effect on the health. 

    Feed instruction
    2,5 - 5 ml per animal per day

    HEMP0101 - 100 ml

    Itch Stop Feed Dog and Cat

    €13.50 incl tax

    Complementary feed for dogs and cats

    Powerful blend of hemp seed oil and vegetable oils. Rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to support the joint function and for a beautifully shiny coat.
    Supports optimal intestinal function and has a beneficial effect on the health. 

    Feed instruction
    2,5 - 5 ml per animal per day

    HEMP0101 - 100 ml

    Omega Boost - for overall physical health

    €7.95 incl tax

    Essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for overall physical health and is multifunctional for each animal!

    Supplementary feed for dogs, cats and other pets.
    Omega Boost is a mix of special selected oils of Rapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Corn Oil.
    Omega Boost contains a high proportion of essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for the daily requirement.
    Omega Boost give a healty skin, shiny coat, optimal intestinal function and good food combustion.
    Omega Boost is safe to use at dogs or cats with fish allergy. For all pets multifunctional with visible results.

    Wy provide Omega Boost?
    • At moult
    • Recovery from illness or surgery
    • For a shiny coat
    • Support and recovery of (dry) skin
    • Support heart and arteries
    • For optimal intestinal function
    • For overall health

    PROFIVEX probiotics 60 soft chews (peanut butter taste)

    €29.50 incl tax

    Soft chews with peanut butter taste 

    Complementary feed for dogs based on probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy digestion and to promote n natural bowel function. 

    All dogs benefit from a good intestinal flora. To ensure that our dogs remain active and healthy, it is essential that their digestion remains in optimal condition. A balanced intestinal flora promotes digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients, giving the body what it needs, which benefits general health. 

    Profivex contains a premium probiotic (Enterococcus faecium)  supplemented with 2 prebiotic sources: FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and sweet potato.  
    These fibre sources stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and promote a good intestinal flora. 


    • Is formulated and recommended by veterinarians
    • Is an easy to enter chew with peanut butter flavour
    • Has a very high share of E. Faecium with 5,000,000 CFU per treat of 4 grams
    • Contains only natural premium ingredients

    Feed instructions 
    < 20 kg: 1 soft chew per day 
    > 20 kg: 2 soft chews per day

    240 g (60 soft chews)

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