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    Health Suppliments

    Health Suppliments are a great way to give your dog the extra boost of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants they need for optimal health. These suppliments contain omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin A & D. These suppliments support healthy skin & healthy immune system.

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    Beapharcat calming cat collars

    €6.35 incl tax
    • Beaphar Calming Collar for cats effectively reduces problem behavior arising from stressful situations in cats of all breeds and ages. Using safe and natural ingredients that are slowly released over a period of 3-4 weeks.

    BUBIMEX CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml

    €17.95 incl tax
    ubimex hemp oil for dogs, cats and small mammals is an essential dietary supplement. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. It can have a positive effect on your pet's health, including helping to improve skin and coat condition, boosting the immune system and helping to fight skin diseases. To maintain its benefits, hemp oil is made from seeds and obtained by cold pressing;

    Bubimex Cod Liver Oil 250ml

    €7.95 incl tax
    BUBIMEX cod liver oil naturally contains the essential vitamins A and D. Vitamin A promotes growth, ensures a shiny coat, protects the skin and mucous membranes and prevents night blindness. Vitamin D strengthens the bones. The essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in specially added safflower oil aid metabolism and help the cardiovascular system function properly.

    BUBIMEX Green mussel powder for puppies, dogs and cats

    €35.00 incl tax

    BUBIMEX green mussel powder is a 100% pure, sustainable and natural food supplement. Rich in amino acids, glucosamine, chondroitin and minerals. These nutrients work together to protect cartilage from oxidation and contribute to the regeneration of connective tissues, ligaments and cartilage. It can notably relieve and limit the effects of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. Adapted to BARF power supply.

    BUBIMEX Green mussel powder for puppies, dogs and cats

    - food supplement for puppies, dogs and cats
    - 100% natural
    - dosing spoon included
    - Improves mobility, the effects of osteoarthritis
    - Contributes to the regeneration of tissues, cartilages and ligaments 

    BUBIMEX Insect oil for dogs, cats and horses 500ml

    €16.95 incl tax

    The BUBIMEX product  Insect oil for dogs and cats is a food supplement based on insect oil, ideal for providing essential nutrients for the good health of your faithful companion.
    Thanks to its rich nutritional profile and high digestibility, it helps start your pet's growth and stimulates the appetite.
    The combination of fatty acids such as oleic, myristic, stearic, lauric palmitic acid and vitamins D3 helps improve digestion and combat skin problems in dogs and cats.
    In addition to the usual fish oil, insect oil provides your companion with all the nutrients necessary for his well-being!

    Feeding advice : 
    Small dogs and cats (> 5kg) : 1 to 2 pumps per day, i.e. 2 to 4ml 
    Dogs : 4 to 6 pumps per day, i.e. 8 to 12ml per 15kg increment
    Horses : 60 to 100ml per day

    Fraser Essentials Golden Gel 100g Soothing Creme

    €25.50 incl tax
    Golden Gel by Fraser Essentials gives relief to areas such as calloused elbows and tails, hot spots, clipper burn and other skin conditions to assist in moisturising, healing and promoting coat growth. Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Calendula, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Geranium Essential Oils.


    €2.75 incl tax

    Itch Stop Feed Dog and Cat

    €13.95 incl tax

    Complementary feed for dogs and cats

    Powerful blend of hemp seed oil and vegetable oils. Rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to support the joint function and for a beautifully shiny coat.
    Supports optimal intestinal function and has a beneficial effect on the health. 

    Feed instruction
    2,5 - 5 ml per animal per day

    HEMP0101 - 100 ml

    Linseed Oil for dogs 500ml

    €7.95 incl tax

    To support digestion, intestinal function and skin and coat. 
    Feed supplement for dogs.

    Lineseed Oil is a 100% cold-pressed flaxseed of which all natural active ingredients have remained intact.
    Lineseed Oil contains a high proportion of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the joint function and ensure a healthy skin and shiny coat.

    To support the digestive system, skin and creates a shiny coat.
    Feed instruction
    < 10 kg :         5 ml per day
    10 – 25 kg :     10 ml per day
    > 25 kg :         15 ml per day


    Omega Boost - for overall physical health

    €7.95 incl tax

    Essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for overall physical health and is multifunctional for each animal!

    Supplementary feed for dogs, cats and other pets.
    Omega Boost is a mix of special selected oils of Rapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Corn Oil.
    Omega Boost contains a high proportion of essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for the daily requirement.
    Omega Boost give a healty skin, shiny coat, optimal intestinal function and good food combustion.
    Omega Boost is safe to use at dogs or cats with fish allergy. For all pets multifunctional with visible results.

    Wy provide Omega Boost?
    • At moult
    • Recovery from illness or surgery
    • For a shiny coat
    • Support and recovery of (dry) skin
    • Support heart and arteries
    • For optimal intestinal function
    • For overall health

    ProDen Glucosamine powder 250g

    €25.00 incl tax

    Glucosamine is essential to the body being able to form larger molecules present in joint fluids and cartilage and in helping the body to renew joint cartilage, bone, muscles, ligaments and sinews. Glucosamine is normally formed naturally in the body, bit in instances of stress, monotonous work or increased age a daily dose can prove very valuable.

    About Glucosamin
    Cartilage in and around the body joints is constantly wearing out and being renewed. Glucosamine is a natural body element substance formed from glucose (a kind of sugar). Dogs like to be active. This is their natural state. But most dogs become increasingly stiff with age. And they often become lazier and less playful. In many cases this stiffness creeps up on them. The first signs might be your dog finding it more difficult to get up, disliking jumping in and out of the car, reluctant to use stairs. Or you might notice your dog is no longer as energetic or as happy as before. This is often an entirely natural process and a sign of natural aging, but when mobility is reduced so much as to be a problem, a daily dose of Glucosamin can prove very valuable. Glucosamine is a natural building stone with the formation of new cartilage and an element normally present in the body. Glucosamin is a Swedish manufactured feed additive of the highest quality that can help your dog retain its lust for life, natural mobility and activity level longer. Especially suitable for large and/or very active dogs and dogs and cats getting on in years.

    Glucosamin can be valuable when your dog or cat:
    - Is reluctant to jump, play or walk up stairs
    - Goes slowly when you go out for a walk
    - Sits and gets up slowly and carefully
    - Seems cumbersome or clumsy
    - Begins to avoid or does not like to be touched

    ProDen Stomax Powder for digestive problems

    €15.95 incl tax

    Stomax® re-instate balance and the healthy bacteria flora in the intestines. Good intestinal flora has been proven to be of major importance to the well being of the body, while a spoiled bacteria flora has been proven of significance for the propagation of disease in both the intestines and the rest of the body.


    • effective in various digestive problems
    • strengthens the protective effect of the mucus of the stomach and intestinal mucosa and thus increases its protection
    • contributes to the restoration of the intestinal microflora and restores its balance
    • has a high ability to retain water (important for stools standardization)
    • contains prebiotic fiber for better nutrition and absorption of minerals


    Potato cell fiber (PV70), inactivated yeast, lecithin, inulin / oligofructose, vitamins and a mixture of amino acids.

    Additives per kg: Methionine 12.4 g, vit. B1 1200 mg, vit. B6 400 mg, 100 mg folic acid, vit B12 34 mg

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