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    It is recommended that you trim your pet's nails anywhere from once a week to once a month unless your pet is very active and outdoors a lot where the nails will be naturally filed down. We have a selection of dog nail clippers available in different sizes and Styptic powder available in the case of cutting the nails too short.

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    Andis Cordless Nail Grinder

    €55.00 incl tax

    Andis CNG-1 Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder

    The sleek, ergonomic nail grinder from Andis features two speeds and runs quietly to suit all pet types and nail types. It features a li-ion battery that has 3+ hours of use, or can be used directly from the mains if required. A fast, comfortable way to trim pet's nails.

    Includes: Grinding stone, finishing stone, charging cable, protective cap and detachable plugs.

    • Two speeds
    • Quiet running
    • Suitable for all pets
    • 3+ hour battery time

    Andis Cordless Nail Grinder Replacement Accessory Pack

    €16.95 incl tax
    Compatible only with the Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder. • Professional-grade design • Use tapered finishing stone for smoothing and fine shaping • Use grinding stone for shaping and removal


    €4.95 incl tax
    Specially made for kittens, puppies and birds these fine made clippers are designed for those smaller jobs.


    €5.75 incl tax

    Furrish Nail Clipper Small

    €7.55 incl tax

    Trimming your dog's nails  regularly, can greatly reduce the risk of your pet becoming caught on carpeting, furniture, and fabrics and ending up with painful, broken nails.  Our stainless steel nail clippers are easy to control for accurate clipping.

    Clip your Furrish Friend in comfort with the rubber grip handle.


    Ideal for:  Smaller sized dogs.

    Directions:  Wait until your dog is calm and relaxed.  Point claw away from you during trimming and only trim a safe amount at a time.

    Tips:  Healthy nails should slightly touch the ground as your dog walks. 


    €8.95 incl tax
    Replacement grinding rollers for Moser claws Fits: Moser Cordless Nail Grinder Grinding drums with grinding straps Two large and two small drums 4 Pack


    €11.50 incl tax
    Controls bleeding due to nail clipping or minor cuts. Easy to apply Quick & effective Suitable for cats, dogs & ferrets Size: 42g or 126g To Use: Apply generously directly on to the nail quick or use a cotton swab if applying to an open wound.


    €8.95 incl tax
    High quality tools feature stainless steel blades with a heavy duty spring and positive locking mechanism. The safety stop may be used to ensure that only the correct amount of nail is removed, reducing the risk of cutting into the quick and causing the dog discomfort. The moulded handles have a special silicone rubber antislip grip for maximum comfort. Available in medium and large sizes.

    Show Tech Nail File for Dogs

    €3.95 incl tax
    Dogs nails are much harder and thicker than human nails and require a special kind of file. These extra strong and coarse nail files have been designed specifically for pets. Anti-slip handle with V shaped file for a more positive contact in use.

    Show Tech Nail Grinder Cord/Cordless with USB

    €27.00 incl tax

    This professional, re-chargeable 2 speed nail grinder is designed to quickly and efficiently smooth the nails after cutting, but may also be used instead of cutting for pets that won’t tolerate a nail cutter. Whisper quiet operation will not frighten pets. Compact design is comfortable to hold and weighs less than 150g! The removable safety guard features different openings for all nail sizes while protecting the rotating head of the nail grinder from coming into contact with the pet’s hair. Supplied with one metal grinding wheel which can be replaced when necessary – order item number 53STE054. When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery will run for up to 18 hours and takes 4 hours to recharge, however, the nail grinder may also be used with the cable connected to any USB outlet. USB wall adaptors are available separately if required.

    Show Tech Nail Trimmer For Puppies & Kittens

    €4.95 incl tax
    Specially made for kittens, puppies and birds these fine made clippers are designed for those smaller jobs.

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