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    Paws are essential for pets to navigate their world, allowing them to walk, run, and play freely. Similarly, noses play a crucial role, enabling pets to smell and explore their surroundings. However, dry and cracked paws can cause discomfort and even lead to infections if left untreated. It's important to provide proper care and attention to your pet's paws to ensure their well-being and happiness.

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    Bubimex Paw Cleansing Foam

    €7.65 incl tax
    Cleansing foam for paws. This orange-scented foam with integrated brush will allow you to clean your pet's paws, pads and fingers on their return from walks

    Dog Paw Cleaner

    €13.95 incl tax

    The "paw cleaner" is ideal to clean your dogs paw when they arrive from outside

    Instructions for use:

    Add water to the "paw cleaner".
    Insert the animal's paw into the pot
    Turn the pot around your pet's paw from left to right and then from right to left to clean your pet's paw as best you can
    Rinse the "paw cleaner" with clean water or wash it in the dishwasher

    Doggy Shoes Pack of 4

    €26.41 incl tax

    Lightweight, non-slip and breathable dog shoes. They are ideal outdoors for any activity that may be aggressive to the pads of your dog. Can also be used during daily walks and outdoors when the dog has injured his paws.

    Sold in sets of 4.
    (M): 6.5 cm - 5.6 cm
    (ML): 7 cm - 6.1 cm
    (L): 7.5 cm - 6.6 cm
    (L-XL): 8 cm - 7.1 cm
    (XL): 8.5 cm - 7.6 cm
    (XXL): 9 cm - 8.1 cm

    Fraser Essentials Golden Gel 100g Soothing Creme

    €25.50 incl tax
    Golden Gel by Fraser Essentials gives relief to areas such as calloused elbows and tails, hot spots, clipper burn and other skin conditions to assist in moisturising, healing and promoting coat growth. Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Calendula, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Geranium Essential Oils.

    Show Tech Nosonyx Nose Blackener 2x15ml

    €21.95 incl tax
    Special preparation for instantly blackening show dogs' noses which lack natural pigment. Not dangerous for the animal, Nosonyx is a natural product. The blackening effect will last between 2 hours and 2 days depending on humidity levels and the dog's own body chemistry.

    Show Tech Paw Care 60 ml

    €7.95 incl tax

    The Show Tech Paw Care is a protective and restoring cream that keeps your pet's paws, toes and pads moisturised and healthy all year round. This wonderful pad soothing cream provides all the essential nutrients needed to keep the pads healthy, strong and hydrated.
    It helps to prevents cracks and dryness and is ideal for when you want to take your dog for a walk on rough, dirty and wet terrain such as in a forest or field and on hot or ice-cold streets. Your pooch will be able to walk, run, hunt and play safely in any weather conditions! Also perfect for dogs that have the habit of constantly licking their paws.
    Does your four-legged friend have dry and rough paws? Not anymore! This soothing, moisturising and protective Paw Care will give your dog healthy paws and pads.

    It’s all in the details
    • Helps keep the pads moisturised, smooth and protected
    • Relieves and repairs dry, cracked pads
    • Contains highly effective and hydrating ingredients such as natural beeswax and thyme oil, famous for its pleasant, mildly aromatic fragrance

    Show Tech Paw Grip Anti-Slip Spray 150 ml

    €9.95 incl tax

    Floors can be quite slippery for your dog or cat. Use Show Tech Paw Grip to prevent slipping.   

    Safe on the floor  

    Show Tech Paw Grip is a highly effective anti-slip spray. It forms a thin film on the soles of the paws and is specially designed to ensure that show dogs do not slip on wet or slippery surfaces such as the ring. This fantastic product is therefore indispensable for people who show or work with dogs and at competitions or training sessions! Paw Grip is also useful for dog or cat owners. Has your pet been operated on its hip, knee or hind leg and is it rehabilitating? Then he or she still needs to be careful when walking or running. By using this spray, you create a safe environment for your four-legged friend so that he can move around easily inside and outside the house.  

    This transparent spray is very easy to apply, dries quickly and therefore works almost immediately. It is not harmful to the skin and will therefore not irritate the paws of your dog or cat. Moreover, Paw Grip does not damage floors and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Recommended for and by professionals! 

    It’s in the details 

    • Anti-slip spray specially designed to minimise slip hazards  
    • Suited for dogs and cats  
    • Recommended by professional handlers 

    Show Tech Paw Wax 50g

    €10.95 incl tax
    Show Tech Paw wax should be used sparingly for anti-slip on smooth or slippery surfaces, ideal for the show ring. Apply more wax for all year-round protection. Protects against heat from pavements and asphalt in the summer, also helps prevent damage from gravel, asphalt, ice, snow, roads treated with salt and all hard surfaces.

    Show Tech Tear-Stick Black Tear Stain Remover

    €8.95 incl tax
    Coloured wax sticks, similar to cosmetic lipstick, but available in Black & White. Specially designed for covering stains and blemishes in all coat types. Especially recommended for under-eye stains, it not only covers the stain but also protects the hair by forming a protective barrier around it, helping to avoid further discolouration.


    €10.95 incl tax
    • Treat your pet to a respite of tranquillity and splendour. The brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment. Your pet will also be surrounded by moisturising bubbles accented with vitamin enriched bath oils. The Spa fragrance is an inspired blend of vanilla and warm linden. Spa soothes their paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.

      - Naturally calming ingredients
      - Vitamin enriched
      - Spa fragranceAvailable 236 ml bottles

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