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    AFP Calm Paws-Dog anti anxiety plush buddy

    €21.00 incl tax

    Calming cuddle toy

    Very suitable for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. 
    With a heart inside, that produces a real heart beat. It will calm down the dog and make it feel less lonely.   

    • Just like a real heart beat
    • Cuddling shape
    • Reduces anxiety

    Batteries are not included (needed: 2 x AAA batteries). 

    48 cm

    AFP Dig it - Round Fluffy mat with cute toy

    €30.00 incl tax

    Round fluffy mat with cute toy
    This mat will challenge your dog mentally.

    Just put it on the ground, put treats or dry kibble on the mat and challenge your dog by finding and eating them. It will keep your dog entertained for a long period.

    For mental challenge
    Entertaining and fun
    Prevents gobbling
    Allow the dog to discover other things on the mat, such as crackling sounds or a cute toy with sque

    AFP Little Buddy Comforting Bunny

    €10.85 incl tax

    When your puppy plays with this super soft stuffed toy, the material inside the stuffed animal will make a crackling sound. The crocodile and the bunny contain plastic details and are made of several kinds of fabrics, so the toy is extra interesting for your puppy.

    Every paw of the Comforting Gator and Comforting Bunny contains a squeaker for extra fun!

    AFP Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep

    €19.95 incl tax

    Nothing is more comfortable for a puppy than to hear his mother's heart beat. This cuddle toy is ideal for puppies who suffer from separation anxiety. Just push the belly to activate the heart beat (lasts about 20 minutes).  
    This way, your puppy will never feel lonely again. 

    • Just like a real heart beat
    • Comforting and cuddling shape

    Delivery includes batteries

    AFP Wild & Nature - Woody pine cone wih rope S

    €4.95 incl tax

    Woody pine cone
    This pine cone is made of rubber and wood. The rope is of 100% cotton. This combination makes the toy durable and challenging. 

    • Good for the teeth
    • Entertains the dog for hours
    • Contains real wood
    • Durable

    S – 23 x 4.2 x 4.2 cm

    Chuckle City cord with 100% Natural Organic Rubber Bone

    €4.50 incl tax
    Are you looking for an all natural dog toy that is as safe for your pet as it is for the planet? If so then we have the product for you! Chuckle City rubber dog toys are made from natural, sustainable 100% 0rganic rubber and contain no colouring or flavouring

    Dog Small Toy Rope

    €1.85 incl tax
    Very durable toy and made of 100% cotton rope. Has a big knot and two small ones on each side of the toy. It will also attract your dog!


    €2.50 incl tax


    €2.95 incl tax


    €1.50 incl tax

    Freedog teething pink ball

    €2.75 incl tax


    €3.95 incl tax

    Treat toy for small dogs!
    The flexible rubber ball allows you to hide treats inside the Lattice Ball. Equipped with a durable cotton flossrope to clean your dog's teeth. Also massaging the gums.

    4,5x10 cm

    Puppy Toys

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