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    Nooses & Safety Restraints

    A dog grooming restraint is important when grooming your pet as they are restrained correctly and comfortably. They keep the pets in place while you do your work without them moving, turning, sitting or laying down. the are lots of different variations available for every need from basic nooses to full-body restraints. 

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    Barbicide Drain unblocker Blitz 1Ltr

    €9.95 incl tax

    Highly concentrated and highly effective
    Blocked drains prevent dirty water containing product residues from flowing smoothly; baths and sinks cannot then be used optimally. Moreover, unpleasant odours are created and there is a risk of water damage. 
    This professional unblocking agent effectively removes any blockage. Its highly concentrated formula was specially developed for salons and their needs.  
    Drain Blitz effortlessly dissolves all hair, shampoo and conditioner residues and traces of other hair products without affecting the pipes. Thus, it tackles any blockage thoroughly and effectively! With regular use, it also keeps drains unclogged. 

    It's all in the details
    - Liquid unblocker
    - Concentrated salon formula
    - Ready-to-use
    - Dissolves hair, shampoo and conditioner without damaging the pipes
    - A King Research product
    - Content: 1 L

    Instructions for use
    Use 100 ml of Drain Blitz once a week to prevent blockages. Pour 100 ml into the drain, let the product soak in for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Is the drain already clogged? Then pour 200 ml of Drain Blitz down the drain, wait 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

    €14.50 incl tax
    • SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT rubber basket design gives all-around mouth protection allowing canines unrestricted eating, drinking and panting while preventing biting. Used for safe socialization, safe handling during vet visits, grooming or dog travelling.
    • SAFE & SECURE ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures muzzle will remain securely in place and features two attachment points using an attachment loop designed to attach to your dog’s regular collar and an optional, removable over-head safety strap
    • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE Neoprene padded lining for added comfort and fully adjustable neck and head straps with pre-holed webbing for a quick and secure fit.
    • DOG FRIENDLY – allows canines to drink, pant and be rewarded and treated. Perfect for daily dog exercise and walks
    • EXTREMELY TOUGH AND DURABLE made of a malleable thermal plastic rubber which can be heated and shaped for a personalized tailored fit around dog’s snout, including broad nosed dogs. Gives all around protection for biting or snappy dogs.

    Double Grooming Arm Holding Frame for Grooming Tables

    €95.00 incl tax

    Its stainless steel construction guarantees robustness and longevity. 

    New plastic mounting clip.

    • Height : 100cm
    • Width : 120cm


    €3.50 incl tax


    €3.75 incl tax


    €4.60 incl tax

    Ideal Dog Table attachment Cable Noose 58cm

    €8.50 incl tax
    • Attachment for grooming table or tub.

      Super resistant model

      Length: 58cm
      Diameter: 5mm

    Jelly Pet Grooming Loop 45cm

    €20.50 incl tax

    Go from grooming table to tub without switching grooming loops. Short and easy to manage. Groomers Pro Jelly Pet Grooming Loops are waterproof and mould resistant. This makes it the number one choice for professional groomers, veterinarians, breeders, and handlers. BioThane® is a trademarked material that has the look and feel of leather but is much stronger. It carries a special polyester webbing with a TPU (Polyurethane) coating. Together, these ingredients formulate BioThane. BioThane is known to be more flexible, more durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. With this slip loop, you don't have to worry about bacterial build-up that most grooming loops produce. Take control of your dog with these Jelly Pet Grooming Loops and groom with confidence!

    STRONG, DURABLE, & PLIABLE: This original Jelly Pet Grooming Loop is stronger than leather! High-quality BioThane Material carries a special polyester webbing with a TPU (Polyurethane) coating along with American craftsmanship the pros can rely on!

    REDUCE BACTERIA AND MOULD BUILD-UP: Unlike Nylon grooming loops, Jelly Pet Grooming Loops and Leads are waterproof and easy to clean. Making it great when working with multiple dogs in one day.

    FITS MOST GROOMING TUBS AND TABLES: Simply loop your dog, slide adjustment and clip snap to tub or table. Fits all-breed sizes. Professionally tested and approved by the top dog groomers, veterinarians, handlers, and breeders!

    SAVE TIME: Go from the bathing tub to the drying table without the need to change your grooming loop. You do not need to continually wipe down your loop or lead between bathing and drying.


    €4.95 incl tax

    Pure Rabbit Training Treats, 100% natural dog treats and they come in handy bite size pieces making them perfect for any size dog. Naturally healthy and totally irresistible.

    Our Pure Kangaroo Training Treats are hypoallergenic & naturally healthy:-

    • Suitable for all dogs, no matter their breed or size
    • 100% pure Rabbit meat
    • Available in a re-sealable pouch to lock in the freshness
    • Responsibly sourced
    • Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over

    Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:-

    • 100% natural
    • Easy to digest
    • Naturally low in fat
    • High in protein
    • Hypoallergenic
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Healthy and nutritious

    Our Pure Rabbit Treats are naturally healthy and ideal food for your dog. It’s one of our very popular products, thanks to the fact they’re all 100% pure meat as well as naturally low in fat. Our Pure Kangaroo Training Treats are 100% natural dog treats with no additives or preservatives, simply irresistible and 100% natural!

    Show Tech Comfort Bellyband for Big Dogs

    €19.95 incl tax
    Show Tech comfort belly straps are designed specifically for professional groomers. Made from strong, double-stitched nylon, these straps have have multiple D rings enabling easy height adjustment and feature a comfortable, soft pad to support the dog.


    €8.50 incl tax
    Top quality soft, strong nylon grooming loops. These nooses feature non-sticking metal sliding clasps which once set will not work loose. Adjustable from 63-89cm


    €6.95 incl tax
    Top quality soft, strong nylon grooming loops. These nooses feature non-sticking metal sliding clasps which once set will not work loose. 15 mm x 53 cm

    Nooses & Safety Restraints

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