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    Serving pet grooming and veterinary communities for over 18 years by providing professional, quality and value priced products including clippers, dryers, bathing tubs, grooming tables, veterinary tables, cages, grooming tables

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    €7.50 incl tax
    Soft, nylon noose featuring a fun, decorative metal slider. Comes in a variety of fun colours. Unique metal clip. 50cm length.


    €60.00 incl tax
    The perfect mini trimmer for small, intricate areas such as pads, face, feet, under legs and sanitary areas. Features an extended-life motor designed for professional use. The commutator is made from gold-palladium, which lasts longer than traditional motors. The Lithium-Ion battery lasts for 1.5 hours and charges in less than 1.5 hours, making it pefect for use in a professional salon. The 0.25mm blade is perfect for close work and is made from hardened stainless steel for durability. Features a low noise of only 42db and has low vibration, making this perfect for nervous pets. The LED display displays the level of battery, meaning you are better informed of when to charge. It weighs only 98g and is very slim, making it comfortable for continuous use. Comes with blade, trimmer and charger. 12 month warranty. Long lasting motor designed for professional use 1.5 hour run time & <1.5 hour charge time 0.25mm hardened steel, durable blade Low noise & vibrations - 42dbs LED battery level display Lightweight & slim - 98g Includes blade, trimmer & charger

    Shernbao Adjustable Blade for Shernbao Smart LED Trimmer

    €22.95 incl tax
    Shernbao Smart LED Trimmer (USB Charger) Smart Detachable Blades Clipper ONLY WITH USB, Adjustable ceramic blade, LED display, 3 Chrome positioning comb. Compatible with all LightEdge detachable blades designed with patented cool blade technology. Cord/Cordless. Product Specifications Ultra light in weight: 400g Smart constants speed control, product keeps constant RPM according to set of speed. LED intelligent status display Displays charging progress. High performance Li-ion battery (1300mAh) 2 hours of quick charge can run 3 hours, over charging protection included. Patented Cool-Blade technology The industry's first blades cooling system keeps the blades cool even after heavy use. Extended life motor The commutator made of gold-palladium, last longer than traditional motors. Chorme combs set (3/6 /9/12mm) Smooth chrome finish feeds hair through comb effortlessly creating a faster, smoother cutting action. Equipped with standard Adjustable Ceramic blade Adjustable blade size: 1.0mm 1.3mm 1.6mm 1.9mm High-tech Ceramic shear blade, Titanium coating on High quality stainless steel fixed blade. Very fast cutting, super hardness, sharp, wear-resisting, long service life. Compatible with all LightEdge detachable blades

    Shernbao Basic Noose With Decorated Slider 50cm

    €7.50 incl tax
    Soft, nylon noose featuring a fun, decorative metal slider. Comes in a variety of fun colours. Unique metal clip. 50cm length.


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