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    We sell high-quality disinfectant that is used by vets, kennels and dog grooming salons around Malta. Disinfectant is an essential cleaning tool that all groomers need to have to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. We sell great products from floor cleaners to spray bottles for table tops.

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    €4.75 incl tax
    A disinfectant spray that can be used on surfaces in kennels, catteries and animal habitats. This has the same formula as the HLD4ND disinfectant from Anigene but pre-diluted at 50:1 for high-risk disinfection of heavy soil conditions. A convenient spray bottle that takes away the calculation of dilution!

    Groom Professional Hyperclens Pro Formula Lemon

    €28.00 incl tax

    Groom Professional Hyperclens Pro Formula Lemon 5L

    The new and improved Hyperclens formula has been proven to be an effective cleaner and disinfectant with assured efficacy against numerous Viruses (eg. Canine Parvovirus), fungi, and bacteria in dirty conditions. Hyperclens now provides enhanced cleaning and disinfection properties and is compatible with all major hard surface areas and non-slip flooring used within grooming salons, dog runs, etc.

    How to use:

    • Apply by spraying, mopping, or wiping - rinsing is not required
    • General floors, walls, etc. - dilute at 1:50
    • For high-risk applications, grooming tables and kennels - dilute at 1:25
    • For disinfection of food and water bowls - dilute at 1:50 - all food and water bowls should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water after disinfection

    Please see Dilution Rates for a range of rates to combat several organisms.

    Hyperclens is compliant with the current EU Biocidal Products Regulations and CLP guidelines.

    Note: Dilution rate 1:50 relates to mixing 1 part disinfectant with 50 parts water.

    Note: The optimum dilution for enveloped viruses would be 1:25 with a contact time of 5 minutes

    Groom-X Sterilizer

    €79.95 incl tax
    The easy way to clean your tools without using liquid disinfectants! The UV light kills bacteria on your grooming tools quickly, cleanly and effectively, saving time and giving you peace of mind. Simply put your tools in the cabinet and turn the UV lamp on for 30-45 minutes; recommended for all your tools including brushes, combs, clipper blades, scissors and stripping knives. The UV lamp is included. The UV lamp is also available separately and should be replaced after 800 hours use. The Groom-X Sterilizer measures 46 x 35,5 x 20,5 cmh and comes with a 1-year warranty.


    €30.00 incl tax
    Cleaning product for ultrasonic device recommended by CHADOG. Through its strong surface-active properties, it degreases and facilitates the detachment of all deposited substances on parts to be cleaned. no corrosive or oxidizing action on commonly used materials (such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, ...).


    €110.00 incl tax
    Plastic sterilizer which sterilizes metal accessories, plastic or organic material in 1 hour. Height 23 cm Width 31 cm Length 40 cm


    €5.95 incl tax
    Superfine Disinfectant A good all round disinfectant suitable for work tables, floors etc. It has a very pleasant smell. All around disinfectant 500 ml Ready-To-Use spray


    €212.00 incl tax


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