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    AFP Calm Paws-Dog anti anxiety plush buddy

    €21.00 incl tax

    Calming cuddle toy

    Very suitable for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. 
    With a heart inside, that produces a real heart beat. It will calm down the dog and make it feel less lonely.   

    • Just like a real heart beat
    • Cuddling shape
    • Reduces anxiety

    Batteries are not included (needed: 2 x AAA batteries). 

    48 cm

    AFP Dig it - Round Fluffy mat with cute toy

    €30.00 incl tax

    Round fluffy mat with cute toy
    This mat will challenge your dog mentally.

    Just put it on the ground, put treats or dry kibble on the mat and challenge your dog by finding and eating them. It will keep your dog entertained for a long period.

    For mental challenge
    Entertaining and fun
    Prevents gobbling
    Allow the dog to discover other things on the mat, such as crackling sounds or a cute toy with sque

    AFP Zen Pet-Anti Anxiety Speaking ball

    €17.50 incl tax

    Calm Paws Anti-anxiety speaking ball

    Unique product, specially developed to reduce tension in dogs. As soon as the ball is touched, it lights up and speaks. The special feature is that a self-chosen text can be recorded. If the owner is not at home or nearby, this will help dogs to experience less tension. 

    It works very simply: open the ball with the screwdriver provided, charge it with the included USB cable and record the text. 

    1) Charging: use a screwdriver to open the battery cover, open the battery cover, insert the micro end of the charging cable into the charging socket of the recording ball and connect the USB end to the USB power port. The red indicator light is on when charging, the green indicator light is on when fully charged. If the product has hoarse speakers or dimming flashing lights during use, the product needs to be charged. 
    2) Turn on: push the toggle button o the ON position to turn on or on the OFF position to turn off. 
    3) Install the battery cover: align the battery cover positioning column with the positioning hole on the sphere, and then use a screwdriver to lock the battery cover screws. 
    4) Recording: press the key switch 'recording', the recording indicator will turn on red, and you can start recording. The recording time is up to 30 seconds, the closer you are to the microphone hole, the louder the recorded sound).
    5) Play sound: vibrate or roll the sphere to start playing, and the red and blue lights inside the sphere flash siultaneously. Short press the key switch to immediately stop playing.
    6) Shutdown: if you do not use the product for some time, you can turn off the power by turning the toggle switch to the OFF position. 

    8 cm


    €5.00 incl tax
    S - 25 to 33cm x 16mm M - 29 to 37cm x 16mm 34 L - 44cm x 16mm

    Bark-Stop (Anti-Bark collar)

    €25.00 incl tax

    Humane dog training collar to stop a dog barking

    From now on, no more disturbed nights and restless days. Headaches caused by your dog's endless barking are a thing of the past thanks to the Bark-Stop anti-bark collar!

    The Bark-Stop anti-bark collar has everything you need to stop a dog barking in an animal friendly way.
    The collar has a very strong vibration function which is very uncomfortable to a dog, but does not cause any damage. In addition, the collar has an ultrasonic tone frequency. Annoying to dogs, but harmless as well.
    The powerful combination of vibration and ultrasonic tone ensures that even the most stubborn dogs stop barking.

    Make sure the collar fits snugly around the dog's neck.

    • Without electric shocks
    • With vibration or sound function
    • Animal friendly
    • Effective
    • Including 3 batteries
    • Rainproof

    One size; this remedy collar is suitable for both small and large dogs and is fully adjustable in size.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

    €14.50 incl tax
    • SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT rubber basket design gives all-around mouth protection allowing canines unrestricted eating, drinking and panting while preventing biting. Used for safe socialization, safe handling during vet visits, grooming or dog travelling.
    • SAFE & SECURE ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures muzzle will remain securely in place and features two attachment points using an attachment loop designed to attach to your dog’s regular collar and an optional, removable over-head safety strap
    • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE Neoprene padded lining for added comfort and fully adjustable neck and head straps with pre-holed webbing for a quick and secure fit.
    • DOG FRIENDLY – allows canines to drink, pant and be rewarded and treated. Perfect for daily dog exercise and walks
    • EXTREMELY TOUGH AND DURABLE made of a malleable thermal plastic rubber which can be heated and shaped for a personalized tailored fit around dog’s snout, including broad nosed dogs. Gives all around protection for biting or snappy dogs.

    BEAPHAR Canicomfort diffuser and 48 ml refill

    €18.00 incl tax
    Discover the Canicomfort Calming Diffuser from Beaphar. This product helps to soothe the dog during stressful events, and to regulate behavioral problems. Thanks to the diffusion of synthetic maternal pheromones, your dog will feel soothed. Suitable for all breeds of dogs. The kit contains a diffuser, and a 48 ml refill which allows 30 days of diffusion

    black Moov Jogging

    €30.00 incl tax

    The MOOV jogging belt is elastic and adjustable for maximum comfort.

    2 zipped pockets, a bottle holder pocket and lumbar support for more convenience.

    The Moov range is the ideal range for playing sports or taking a long walk with your dog. Equipped with a comfort handle, this range is resistant because it is made with materials that are not afraid of water.

    Move safely with your animal thanks to the reflective bands

    Dog Casino Puzzle Game

    €28.00 incl tax

    The Dog Casino puzzle game to keep your dog busy. 

    Recyclable material, non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalatate free, food grade, 

    Diameter: 31.5 x 26.5 x 4.5 cm. - Advanced level 3/4

    Advantages of the toy  

    • Dog Casino Nina Ottoson dog training game.
    • When the bones are in the unlocked position, open the drawers and place treats or food in them. Close the drawers. Start slowly without locking the bones. Then rotate and lock the bones for increased difficulty.
    • Perfect for pets to gain their interest, fun and easy to use. 
    • Stimulates your dog's mind, reduces boredom and destructive behavior. 
    • a
    • Recyclable material, non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalatate free, food grade, easy to clean and very durable.
    • Dimensions: 31.5 x 26.5 x 4.5 cm.
    • Advanced Level (3/4): Challenge your dog by demanding a series of stages to achieve tasty rewards.


    €4.50 incl tax

    Dog Comets Ball Stardust (Orange)
    Natural rubber ball that bounces perfectly, floats and is very durable. Keeps the teeth clean and massages the gums. The result: sparkling white teeth! Made from 100% natural rubber and easy to clean.

    More than 1.000.000 lightyears away, in the outer corners of the universe, this comet has emerged to provide your dog with maximum fetching fun.

    • 100% natural rubber
    • Good for the teeth
    • Bounces
    • Floats
    • Durable


    €28.00 incl tax

    The Dog Hide Slide puzzle game to keep your dog occupied. 

    Recyclable material, non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalatate free, food grade, 

    Diameter: 33 x 33 cm - Level Medium 2/4

     Advantages of the toy  

    • Nina Ottoson composite Dog Hide Slide dog training game
    • Treats to be placed in the compartments located at the base and inside the sliding blocks. 
    • Start slowly without fins. 
    • For added difficulty, rotate the fins to cover the treats. 
    • Perfect for pets to gain their interest, fun and easy to use.
    • Stimulates your dog's mind, reduces boredom and destructive behavior. 
    • Recyclable material, non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalatate free, food grade, 
    • Easy to clean and very durable.
    • Dimensions: 33 cm x 33 cm xh: 5 cm. 
    • Medium level (2/4): Combine actions to collect rewards in different ways.

    Ezydog Safety Light

    €20.00 incl tax

    Ultra Visible  : This safety light is visible up to 5km. As far as your companion can be, he will always be seen and safe.


    Solid and resistant for the safety of your companion  : This high quality light can withstand heavy loads of up to 100kg. It is completely waterproof and its battery has a lifespan of 100 hours. 


    Easy to Use  : This light comes with a Velcro fastener to attach it to any leash, harness or collar. Turning it on or off is very simple; just twist the top.

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