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    Groom Professional Artesan Curved 5.5

    €49.95 incl tax
    • The Groom Professional Artesan Scissor range are ideal for the best groomer and are great value for money. They have smooth cutting Japanese style convex blades. Only Japanese steel is used tn their construction and they are available in straight, curved, ball tip (safety) and thinning models.
    • Ideal for faces
    • Japanese convex blades
    • Very smooth cutting action
    • Ball bearing screw
    • Removable finger inserts


    €12.95 incl tax
    Small Idealcut canine / feline grooming scissors for trimming whiskers, face & paws. Features : Weight 18g / Size : 4 inches / Length : 10.5 cm

    Show Tech Curved Scissor with Safety Tip 11.7cm

    €31.00 incl tax
    Show Tech Scissors are designed and produced specifically for dog groomers. Hand made in Solingen, Germany, each scissor is meticulously hand crafted in a 150 step manufacturing process. All models are forged from nickel-free stainless steel and ice tempered to ensure maximum hardness, this permits the creation of an ulta sharp cutting edge. The micro serrations on the blades guarantee an accurate and perfectly smooth cut which lasts.

    Show Tech Scissor & Shear Oil 10ml

    €6.95 incl tax

    Scissors that are regularly used have a lot to endure. Hair, moisture and chemicals get stuck between the blades when cutting your dog’s hair. On top of that, the friction of the constantly moving blades can cause the scissors to squeak. This means that your scissors or shears no longer work as well as they should and that the screws and the scissors need oil.

    Well-oiled grooming

    Daily used scissors should also be oiled on a daily basis. To properly oil and to protect your valuable tools, we’ve designed the Show Tech Scissor & Shear Oil.

    Use instructions

    Before oiling, it is recommended to first remove all the hairs from the scissors.

    After scissoring for on average 20 minutes, use a soft hairbrush like the  Show Tech Sher Clean Brush to remove the excess hair from the blades.

    Put a drop of oil on the pivot point near the screw on both sides. Make a few cutting movements with the scissors after oiling them. Always remove any excess oil left on the blades with a tissue to prevent soiling the dog’s clean coat. Do not use just any oil–only use special scissor oil! 

    Ball Tip Scissors

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