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    €16.95 incl tax
    Create luxuriously sleek strands with Ice on Ice Detangling Conditioner! Expertly blended and infused with moisturizing Moroccan Argan Oil, Ice on Ice Conditioner fights frizz and tangles, creating smooth, sleek tresses that last. - DETANGLES AND SMOOTHS - FIGHTS FRIZZ - CREATES LONG LASTING SILKINESS


    €13.95 incl tax


    €18.95 incl tax
    Spectrum Ten Hypro Pac Intensive Treatment provides the ultimate in conditioning for dry, brittle, damaged coats. However, while it is an ideal deep treatment for soft, fine coats, it is also wonderful on all coat types. It delivers deep moisturizing and conditioning components with the least amount of weight to any coat. It is great on any mature dropped coat that is showing signs of weathering. Yes, it softens, but that is the trade off for mega moisturizing. It is also a terrific detangler, aiding in the breaking apart of the most discouraging mat balls, such as those that form behind the ears of Bichons Frises. It can be used to demat on wet or dry coat, without leaving a greasy residue. Work a dab of Hypro Pac into a serious mat and pick apart with a extra coarse comb.

    Groom Professional Almond Detangle Shampoo

    €9.95 incl tax

    The Groom Professional brand is fast becoming one of Europe’s favourite pet grooming brands and these shampoos are the driving force behind the brand’s success. All shampoos are manufactured in the UK and use top quality ingredients. Many natural extracts are used in the production of the shampoos to ensure a top quality finish. Most of the shampoos are designed with a specific need in mind, meaning there is something for every groomer and breed.

    This Almond shampoo is designed to make grooming a little easier and specifically for tangled coats. Natural Almond Oil helps to remove odours and dirt but also remove matts, making combing and brushing the coat easier and kinder on the dog. It will also help protect the coat from further damage when brushing. 

    • Coat Type - Medium-Long, Tangled Coats
    • Dilution 10:1 
    • Helps detangle knots & matts
    • Lather easily 

    Groom Professional EPO Evening Primrose Oil Shine

    €10.95 incl tax

    Specially formulated with added conditioner to condition the skin and coat, reduce static and add shine to the coat.

    • Conditions, adds shine & reduces static
    • Conditions skin & coat
    • Contains Evening Primrose Oil to maintain healthy skin and coat.
    • Available in 200ml, 500ml and 4 litres.

    To Use: Simply spray onto the dry coat coat and brush through. Great for pet owners to use in between grooming sessions.

    Groom Professional Fast Dri First Love Spray

    €19.95 incl tax
    Fast Dri is a revolutionary grooming spray loved by groomers around the world! Fast Dri dramatically reduses drying time, without affecting the natural structure of the coat or leaves any residue! Simply spray onto a wet/damp coat after bathing, then blast and dry as usual. This unique spray increases the hair's natural ability to repel water, utlising the power of your dryer and blaster. Our new First Love fragrance has the favourite scent of baby powder.


    €9.95 incl tax

    Groom Professional Coconut Moisturising Shampoo

    Coconut Moisturising Shampoo is one of the top sellers on in the Groom Professional range. Designed for dogs with dry skin and coat as the natural coconut oil helps moisturise, reduce dandruff and adds a shine to the coat. Ideal for busy salons looking an everyday shampoo. 

    • Coat Type - Dry coat and skin
    • Dilution rate 10:1
    • Scent - Coconut Fragrance


    €45.00 incl tax

    Mr. Groom Show Groom Conditioning Spray

    €16.95 incl tax
    Sunscreen mink oil and vitamine E By Mr. Groom Show Groom helps restore and maintain the natural moisture balance through the penetrating action of mink oil, vitamine E and other conditioning factors. Dry, flaky skin becomes smooth and supple. Sunscreen helps reduce coat discoloration due to exposure to the sun. Continued use once or twice weekly will maintain the improved coat.

    Coat Moisturizing

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