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    Artero Static Control Antistatic Spray 150 ml

    €10.95 incl tax
    Use on clean coats. For an anti-static/fuzz effect, spray sparingly over coat, then brush in the natural direction of the hair. To create volume generousy spray over coat and then back-comb. (against the natural direction of the hair). Repeat until desired effect’s achieved. Does not affect the natural color of the coat and does not leave residuals of product on coat.

    BIO-GROOM SUPER FOAM gives body to the coat

    €16.95 incl tax
    Lanolin Enriched Super Foam™ Coat Dressing, specially designed by Bio-Derm Laboratories is the most effective, most economical and safest Coat Dressing available. Super Foam gives the body to the coat and manageability for fluffing and grooming – leaving the coat in top show condition! Excellent for coated breeds. Easy wet and dry combing. Prevents mats and tangles. Never feels stiff, tacky or oily – no build-up on the coat. The Lanolin in this Coat Dressing helps in preventing dryness of skin and coat. Does not contain alcohol, lacquer or any other harsh chemicals. All ingredients in this superior Bio-Groom product are of the finest cosmetic grade.

    BIO-GROOM VITA OIL Coat Conditioner

    €27.95 incl tax
    This exceptional coat oil was developed specifically to give maximum conditioning and protection to the coat. Rich in Wheat Germ and Lanolin Oils, and essential Vitamin E, Vita Oil™ prevents matting, tangling, and helps repair overworked hair, while moisturizing the skin. It contains no alcohol or silicone, and will not affect coat’s natural color. It is anti-static and has a light fresh scent.

    Bubimex Cod Liver Oil 250ml

    €7.95 incl tax
    BUBIMEX cod liver oil naturally contains the essential vitamins A and D. Vitamin A promotes growth, ensures a shiny coat, protects the skin and mucous membranes and prevents night blindness. Vitamin D strengthens the bones. The essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in specially added safflower oil aid metabolism and help the cardiovascular system function properly.

    BUBIMEX Green mussel powder for puppies, dogs and cats

    €35.00 incl tax

    BUBIMEX green mussel powder is a 100% pure, sustainable and natural food supplement. Rich in amino acids, glucosamine, chondroitin and minerals. These nutrients work together to protect cartilage from oxidation and contribute to the regeneration of connective tissues, ligaments and cartilage. It can notably relieve and limit the effects of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. Adapted to BARF power supply.

    BUBIMEX Green mussel powder for puppies, dogs and cats

    - food supplement for puppies, dogs and cats
    - 100% natural
    - dosing spoon included
    - Improves mobility, the effects of osteoarthritis
    - Contributes to the regeneration of tissues, cartilages and ligaments 

    BUBIMEX Insect oil for dogs, cats and horses 500ml

    €16.95 incl tax

    The BUBIMEX product  Insect oil for dogs and cats is a food supplement based on insect oil, ideal for providing essential nutrients for the good health of your faithful companion.
    Thanks to its rich nutritional profile and high digestibility, it helps start your pet's growth and stimulates the appetite.
    The combination of fatty acids such as oleic, myristic, stearic, lauric palmitic acid and vitamins D3 helps improve digestion and combat skin problems in dogs and cats.
    In addition to the usual fish oil, insect oil provides your companion with all the nutrients necessary for his well-being!

    Feeding advice : 
    Small dogs and cats (> 5kg) : 1 to 2 pumps per day, i.e. 2 to 4ml 
    Dogs : 4 to 6 pumps per day, i.e. 8 to 12ml per 15kg increment
    Horses : 60 to 100ml per day

    Bubimex Salmon oil for cats and dogs

    €11.95 incl tax

    Salmon oil for cats and dogs is widely recognized for its beauty benefits for the skin and coat, this dietary supplement is in fact a complete source of well-being.


    • Rich in essential fatty acids including the famous Omega 3, EPA and DHA, salmon oil has recognized effectiveness in the following areas:
    • food supplement for cats and dogs with beneficial health benefits, also suitable for lactating bitches
    • salmon oil: rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
    • grain-free: also suitable for allergies and food intolerances
    • skin and coat health: contributes to coat shine and skin health
    • stimulates the immune system: strengthens the natural defences
    • reduces age-related problems: prevents arthritis and rheumatism and reduces their symptoms
    • stimulates appetite: perfectly complements meals for difficult dogs or dogs with little appetite


    250 ml pump-bottle


    This bottle is supplied with a very practical dosing spout, which allows you to precisely dose the intake for your animal and not to waste salmon oil:


    - 1 to 2 pressures per day for cats and small dogs weighing less than 6 kg


    - 4 to 8 pressures per day for medium and large dogs


    Administer the oil with the food




    100% salmon oil

    Omega 3 and 6, more than 9%

    EPA and DHA, 7%

    Bubimex Spirulina powder for dogs 400gr

    €24.00 incl tax

    Why choose spirulina powder from Bubimex? 

    Spirulina powder is a 100% pure, sustainable and natural food supplement.

    Rich in  plant proteins and nutrients , particularly beta-carotene (vitamin A) and chlorophyll . Spirulina provides energy and resistance.

    Indeed, vitamin A and chlorophyll can act positively on bone growth, eye health and strengthen the immune system. The antioxidant effect can also act against cell aging, infections and support metabolism in general.

    This food supplement is suitable for the BARF diet. 

    It was packaged in France

    The advantages of the product: 

    • Natural and sustainable 
    • Plant protein intake
    • Source of energy and antioxidants
    • Helps protect the immune system 
    • Rich in natural vitamins and minerals 
    • Suitable for BARF power supply
    • Packaged in France

    Chris Christensen Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo

    €17.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo

    Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo helps to easily remove waxes, oils, resins, and build up from conditioners and other products that can weight down the coat with regular use. Enriched formula containing Pro-Vitamin allows for deep cleansing without stripping any essential oils from the coat.

    • Doesn’t strip coat of natural oils
    • Removes dirt, debris, and product residue
    • Great for extremely dirty dogs and cats

    Chris Christensen Coatlink Coat Hydration for dry coats

    €16.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Coatlink Coat Dressing (Aerosol) 283G

    A leave-in humectant developed especially for hydration that replenishes dry coats, adding 4 x more moisturisers including lanolin. This easy-to-use foam formula works wonders for lightness and makes styling easier, along with creating long-lasting volume and manageability. An excellent product for daily use to grow coat.

    • Replenishes moisture
    • Adds shine
    • Suitable for all coat types
    • Long lasting volume

    Chris Christensen Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner

    €15.95 incl tax
    Chris Christensen SmartWash 50 Shampoo is delightfully fragranced and highly concentrated, up to 50:1! Formulated to deep clean without stripping the coat of essential oils, SmartWash 50 Shampoo gently but effectively removes waxes, oils, resins and buildup from the coat, leaving the coat looking fresh, healthy, shiny and smelling delicious! Can be diluted up to 50:1 Suitable for all coat types Ideal for all bathing machines Safe for use on dogs and cats Fresh scents are subtle and not overpowering Made in the USA

    Chris Christensen Diamond Series Miracle Cream 148ml

    €18.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Diamond Series Miracle Cream 148ml

    Never before seen 8-in-1 leave-in coat perfecter that makes even the unruliest coat manageable, giving a smooth and silky finish. Apply 1-2 pumps to polish styled coats and tame frizz and fly-aways as necessary.

    • Pro-vitamin formula
    • Enhanced manageability
    • Protects against damage
    • Polish styled coats

    Coat Care

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