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    Dog Dental Care Treats

    Dental Care treats are a necessity for your dogs oral health. Whether its calcium bones, Natural Antlers or special dental sticks, these chews help reduce plaque & tartar buildup. 

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    Bouncy and Bristle Bone Treats refill small

    €3.50 incl tax

    Features and Benefits of Bouncy and Bristle Bones Treats: 

    • Treats specially designed for Bristle bones and Bouncy bones Petsafe
    • Their circular shape allows your dog to chew them longer.
    • Bacon taste

    Bubimex Buffalo Horn Long Lasting 100% Natural

    €2.95 incl tax
    Give your canine companion a 100% natural treat with QT Dog Buffalo Hornz Water Buffalo Horn Dog Treat! Made from only water buffalo horn, this long-lasting treat is high in protein, low in fat, and is a safe alternative to rawhide treats. Not only will your pup enjoy chomping down on this tasty treat, but it will also naturally help remove tartar and build-up, promoting healthy gums, teeth and overall dental health!!

    Bubimex Camel Hide Chews Dog Treat 100% Natural

    €4.70 incl tax
    • Camel hide chews are hypoallergenic, gluten free and tough and tasty

      • A great alternative to rawhide
      • Tough chewing helps clean teeth

      Super high in protein, lactose free, hard and tough

      Suitable for dogs over 3 months old

    Bubimex Cow Ears for Dogs Healthy Treats & Natural Beef Chew

    €4.25 incl tax

    Low Calorie & Digestible - Pawstruck beef ear dog chews are a single ingredient, digestible, low-fat tasty treat! Our chews have No artificial ingredients, No hormones, and No chemicals. These long-lasting chews are slowly roasted to enhance a great tasting, low odor cow chew. Pawstruck cow ears are a great alternative to rawhide. These treats are digestible unlike rawhide, so you can sleep easy knowing your pups tummy is happy and healthy!

    Bubimex Dental Twists

    €3.40 incl tax

    Bubimex Heart Softies 500gr

    €4.35 incl tax
    • Lamb and chicken snack for dogs

      Tasty snacks are rich in protein and are ideal to offer as a reward.

      Rich in proteins and without added sugars.

      Dog treats are food supplements that should not replace a balanced diet based on suitable feed for your dog.

    Bubimex Natural Beef Skin 70cm

    €5.00 incl tax

    Bubimex Root Chew (High in Minerals)

    €7.00 incl tax

    It is a natural alternative to satisfy your dog's chewing needs. Without calories, chewable roots take care of your dog's teeth thanks to the small fibers of the wood. They reproduce the mechanical action of a toothbrush and reduce tartar and slow down its formation.

    The 100% natural chewable roots are suitable for all dogs. Each root is a unique piece, so you may receive different shapes, sizes, colors or weights.

    Bubimex Turkey Necks 100% Natural Air Dried Treat 10pack

    €11.80 incl tax
    • 100% natural turkey neck
    • No additives, preservatives or extras
    • Great for snacks and training
    • Excellent form of dental hygiene
    • Natural delicious flavour
    • Low odour
    • Crunchy & fully digestible

    Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone dog toy

    €5.95 incl tax
    • 3 TOYS IN 1: A nylon bone, rubber ball and refillable treat-holding toy to keep your pet having fun
    • MADE FOR TOUGH CHEWERS: Created from durable nylon and natural vanilla-scented rubber, this toy was designed to satisfy strong chewers
    • RELIEVES BOREDOM AND ANXIETY: Includes 6 rawhide treat ring refills (additional treat ring refills sold separately)
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Top-shelf dishwasher safe
    • MEDIUM DOGS: Designed dogs who weigh 10-50 pounds
    • QUALITY GUARANTEED: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years; we help pets and their people live happily together

    Fallow Antler Dog Chew

    €11.50 incl tax
    Extremely resistant treats and 100% natural, they come from natural moulting deer and are rich in minerals.

    JR PETS LAMB TROTTERS Long lasting chews pkt of 3

    €6.95 incl tax

    Here at JR Pet Products we care about your dog’s health and fitness. This is why our Lamb Trotters contain nothing but pure lamb with no additives or extras. Delicious and hypoallergenic, these lambs feet make for a great alternative to Pigs Trotters and won’t splinter or crack. Ideal for training your dog or as a guilt-free snack.

    Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free treats include:-

    100% natural

    Low in fat


    Grain and gluten free

    Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks

    High in protein

    No preservatives

    Healthy and nutritious

    Dog Dental Care Treats

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