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    Dog Dental Care Treats

    Absolutely! Dental care treats are essential for maintaining your dog's oral health. Whether it's calcium bones, natural antlers, or specialized dental sticks, these chews play a vital role in reducing plaque and tartar buildup. By providing your furry friend with these treats regularly, you can help prevent dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, ensuring their teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. Invest in your dog's oral hygiene today with our range of dental care treats.

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    Bouncy and Bristle Bone Treats refill small

    €3.50 incl tax

    Features and Benefits of Bouncy and Bristle Bones Treats: 

    • Treats specially designed for Bristle bones and Bouncy bones Petsafe
    • Their circular shape allows your dog to chew them longer.
    • Bacon taste

    Bubimex Bull Pizzles 70gr

    €5.15 incl tax
    Duck Fillets 70gr, low in calories, only 1.5% Fat! Bubimex dog treat, selected for its delicate flavor With only 1.5% fat, finally a delicious, light and irresistible reward. Bubimex duck fillets will delight your dog. Crispy meat treats, premium quality duck fillet, cut into strips and very well tolerated by all dogs.

    Bubimex Calcium Bone 160gr

    €3.50 incl tax

    BUBIMEX Chew snack with fish skin 100gr

    €3.75 incl tax

    Bubimex Dental Coconut sticks 90gr

    €2.70 incl tax

    Bubimex Dental Twists

    €4.25 incl tax

    Bubimex Denties Pack of 28 sticks

    €6.95 incl tax
    Daily consumption of BUBIMEX DENTIES contributes to optimal protection of your dog's teeth and reduces the formation of tartar. Take care of your dog with these tasty sticks that contribute to your companion's daily oral hygiene.

    Bubimex Lamb Horns for Dogs Long Lasting Chews - Grain Free

    €7.00 incl tax
    amb horns are a very long-lasting natural dog chew and a natural alternative to rawhide or bone. These long-lasting, 100% pure chews are ethically sourced from free-range lamb in Iceland and are free of artificial flavors, additives and preservatives.

    Bubimex Marrow stuffed bone

    €3.20 incl tax

    Bubimex Natural Beef Skin 70cm

    €5.00 incl tax

    Bubimex Porkie twisters by 4

    €2.75 incl tax
    Give your dog the BUBIMEX Pigskin Curlies. While chewing these delicious bones, the jaw muscles are strengthened, the teeth are gently cleaned, which prevents the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar.

    Bubimex Root Chew (High in Minerals)

    €7.00 incl tax

    It is a natural alternative to satisfy your dog's chewing needs. Without calories, chewable roots take care of your dog's teeth thanks to the small fibers of the wood. They reproduce the mechanical action of a toothbrush and reduce tartar and slow down its formation.

    The 100% natural chewable roots are suitable for all dogs. Each root is a unique piece, so you may receive different shapes, sizes, colors or weights.

    Dog Dental Care Treats

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