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    Latex Bands & Wrapping

    Show tech latex bands are non toxic and made fromnatural latex. They are used for tying pet hair into pigtails & can also be used when bows lose their bands.

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    Show Tech Latex Bands Neon Medium-Light 100 pcs

    €2.00 incl tax
    These light, latex bands also measure 8 mm in diameter but are much thinner and more flexible than our regular top knot bands and will not to damage the coat. Available in bags of 100 and 1000 pieces in mixed, neon colours.

    Show Tech Wrap Bands Black 1000 pcs Wrapping Bands

    €11.50 incl tax

    These larger latex bands are designed for holding paper or plastic wraps firmly in place. Made from the best quality latex and sold in packs of ±1000 bands Top quality combined with amazing value make our Show Tech elastics the Best Buy!
    Our latex bands are non toxic and made from natural Latex

    Show Tech+ Moisturizing Coat Oil 300ml

    €13.95 incl tax

     It keeps flyaway hairs and frizz away as well, allowing you to create a perfect look. In summer, the coat becomes drier because of the sun and during the winter due to the central heating. This amazing oil protects the coat against all heat, whether it’s from styling tools, the sun or heating, but also from humidity and rain or during playtime with other dogs.

    Do you have a dog with a long or dry coat? Then this versatile oil is not to be missed on your shelf with hair care products!

    It’s all in the details

    • Helps to maintain and tame difficult, curly coats
    • Keeps the coat healthy and hydrated
    • Helps to improve hair growth
    • Strengthens hair roots
    • Prevents frizz and flyaways
    • Protects from heat damage

    Show Tech+ Timaha Clay Shampoo

    €36.00 incl tax
    • Pure wellness

      With its deeply nourishing and restoring properties, it creates a healthy and strong coat structure that feels natural and gives a long-lasting, deep shine. The fruit extracts not only help to moisturise, to prevent and tackle damaged coats, but in combination with the clay they also purify and degrease the coat. A feeling of pure wellness is created by the sparkling, fresh sweet scent.
      Another plus is that this shampoo works as a deodorant. It eliminates bad odours. Furthermore, the clay helps against irritations as well. If used regularly, the Timaha Clay Shampoo reduces skin irritation up to 50%. Your dog’s coat will be revived!

      Clay, you say?
      Clay is well-known for its purifying properties. If you want to give a detox treatment to your dog’s coat and skin, this shampoo is the solution. It’s perfect if the dog’s coat is heavy from styling products after a dog show or polluted from walking around in the city.

      It’s all in the details
      • Clay based purifying and detoxing shampoo
      • High concentration
      • Gives a real brilliant shine
      • Ideal for long-haired, double, woolly coats and coats that require deep hydration Recommended for maintaining the coat between dog shows
      • Available in 1 L and 4.5 L


    Latex Bands & Wrapping

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