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    Puppy Shampoo

    Gently cleanse and care for your precious puppy's delicate coat with our specially formulated puppy shampoos. Designed with mild ingredients and a gentle formula, our puppy shampoos are perfect for nurturing their sensitive skin and fur. Each wash helps maintain their natural oils, leaving their coat soft, shiny, and smelling fresh. From trusted brands like Chris Christensen, Fraser Essentials, Groom-Professional, and more, our puppy shampoos ensure a soothing bathing experience for your newest furry family member. Treat your puppy to the love and care they deserve with our premium puppy shampoo collection

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    Chris Christensen Peace & Kindness Shampoo soothes allergies

    €25.95 incl tax

    Use to effectively treat many different skin problems, Peace & Kindness Colloidal Silver Shampoo is sulfate-free and soothes allergy prone and ultra-sensitive skin. Peace & Kindness Shampoo is standardized to 22 ppm. 

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    FREEDOG Puppy Shampoo ideal for frequent use

    €6.50 incl tax €7.50 incl tax

    Furrish Nice & Gentle Shampoo

    €8.95 incl tax

    Our specially-formulated Nice & Gentle Shampoo is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Rich in oatmeal extract, which is renowned for its skin condition properties, this shampoo will help remove allergens, while gently yet effectively cleansing and re-moisturising the coat.

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    Groom Professional Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo

    €12.95 incl tax

    Groom Professional Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo

    The Groom Professional brand is fast becoming one of Europe’s favourite pet grooming brands and these pet shampoos are the driving force behind the brand’s success. All shampoos are manufactured in the UK and use top quality ingredients. Many natural extracts are used in the production of the shampoos to ensure a top quality finish. Most of the shampoos are designed with a specific need in mind, meaning there is something for every groomer and breed.

    Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo is a firm favourite within the Groom Professional family. A gentle cleansing shampoo that helps to remove puppy odours. It cleans deep yet will not irritate the skin. It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and nourish the skin. The Aloe Vera also acts as a natural hair conditioner to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff. Check out the reviews below to see the response of our regular customers.  The Baby fresh smell has made this shampoo a winner in salons all around the world! 

    • Coat Type - all coats and puppies
    • Dilution 20:1
    • Scent - Baby Powder

    Groom Professional Tender Puppy Kitty Shampoo

    €11.95 incl tax

    Tender Puppy Kitty Shampoo is perfect for the young, sensitive skin of puppies and kittens. This fragrance free shampoo has a gentle cleansing base and mild ingredients which will not strip the coat and skin of any essential natural oils. Creates a beautiful lather which is easy to rinse. Fragrance free. 10:1 dilution.

    Formulated for puppies and kittens
    Gentle ingredients
    Mild, clean fragrance

    Show Tech Bright & Clean Shampoo

    €8.95 incl tax
    This natural deep cleaning shampoo revitalises the coat leaving it shiny and smelling fresh. Unique colour enhancing brighteners help restore the coat’s original colour. Contains glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands. Suitable for all coat types and colours.

    Show Tech Herbal Shampoo

    €8.95 incl tax

    This neutral shampoo gently cleanses the coat and helps regulate sebum secretion. It contains chamomile extract, glycerine and other moisturising agents that restore and maintain the moisture balance of the skin and hair. The active ingredient in chamomile, bisabolol, has a slight anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and soothing effect. Thanks to the moisturising and protective properties of this shampoo, the coat gets a deep shine. Moreover, your hands are protected from drying out.

    It's all in the details

    • Neutral shampoo that gently cleanses, regulates sebum secretion and hydrates
    • Contains chamomile extract, glycerine and other wonderful ingredients
    • With a unique herbal fragrance
    • Specially recommended to give the coat long-lasting freshness and eliminate persistent odours
    • For a healthy, shiny coat
    • Concentrated formula without parabens and silicones
    • Dilution ratio: 1/5
    • Suitable for all coat types and all coat colours
    • Available in different sizes

    Show Tech Long & Clean Shampoo

    €8.95 incl tax
    This natural deep cleaning shampoo revitalises the coat leaving it shiny and smelling fresh. Rich in Nutrients, this shampoo is ideal for dry, dull or damaged hair. Contains Jojoba oil, glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands. Recommended for all long coated breeds.

    Show Tech Mixing & Dispensing Bottle

    €3.10 incl tax
    The Mixing & Dispensing Bottle is perfect for diluting shampoos! Just fill the bottle with water up to the desired line and then complete with shampoo up to the fill line. Shake well before using.

    Show Tech Sensational Salon Shampoo

    €8.95 incl tax

    This Sensational shampoo has a neutral pH value that is adapted to the acidity level of a dog's skin. That is why it is perfect for daily washing. This remarkable shampoo makes the hair shiny, soft and supple and cleanses the skin and coat without affecting their balance. It washes and cares with respect for the coat.   

    • It’s all in the details 
    • Neutral shampoo suitable for daily professional use and for every type of coat  
    • Concentrated formula (1/10) and thus very economical in use  
    • Does not contain formaldehyde or parabens  
    • Suitable for dogs and cats  


    Puppy Shampoo

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