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    AFP Calm Paws-Dog anti anxiety plush buddy

    €21.00 incl tax

    Calming cuddle toy

    Very suitable for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. 
    With a heart inside, that produces a real heart beat. It will calm down the dog and make it feel less lonely.   

    • Just like a real heart beat
    • Cuddling shape
    • Reduces anxiety

    Batteries are not included (needed: 2 x AAA batteries). 

    48 cm

    AFP Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep

    €19.95 incl tax

    Nothing is more comfortable for a puppy than to hear his mother's heart beat. This cuddle toy is ideal for puppies who suffer from separation anxiety. Just push the belly to activate the heart beat (lasts about 20 minutes).  
    This way, your puppy will never feel lonely again. 

    • Just like a real heart beat
    • Comforting and cuddling shape

    Delivery includes batteries

    AFP Squirrel Body Treat Hider

    €10.95 incl tax

    Body treat hider

    Your dogs likes cute cuddle toys but is also fond of treats. This toy has especially been designed for both! A toy to cuddle with but also for hiding treats. Massages the gums.


    Appr. 18 cm 

    Comic Ultrasonic Sheep Toy (Silent Squeker)

    €6.95 incl tax
    • SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, all day long!

      Are you also done with those squeaky toys? Good, because Comic Ultrasonic is here to save the day! This durable cuddle toy contains a squeaker with such a high sound that it is only perceptible to dogs. The big advantage is that your dog can play around and you can do whatever you want without a constantly squeaking sound.

    Cozy Dog Bunny Heartbeat

    €21.95 incl tax
    Offer your dog warmth and comfort with the adorable Cozy Dog Bunny! This cuddly toy is not only soft on the outside, but is also equipped with a heart-shaped device that mimics a heartbeat for 10 minutes after activation. Each Cozy Dog Bunny also has a separate bag with tourmaline stones on the inside, which you can heat up briefly in the microwave . This way, the cuddly toy spreads a wonderful warmth. The combination of warmth, lavender and the heartbeat of the Cozy Dog Bunny has a soothing and calming effect on your dog!

    Cute Pink unicorn soft toy

    €7.50 incl tax

    Soft toy in the shape of a pink unicorn. 

    Plush length: 27cm

    Freedog Blue Plush Dog 45cm

    €7.50 incl tax
    Cuddle Mini Dogs Length of the stuffed toy: 15cm

    Freedog Blue Plush Dog 45cm

    €7.50 incl tax
    Cuddle Mini Dogs Length of the stuffed toy: 15cm


    €2.50 incl tax


    €2.95 incl tax

    Green turtle-shaped plush toy for dogs

    €5.30 incl tax
    Containing a sound device this plush squeaks when the dog bites it.

    Idealdog Cuddly Plush Giraffe 20CM

    €5.50 incl tax

    Soft Toys

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