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    Soft Toys

    Soft Toys are made out of cloth filled with a s oft material. They are fun for indoor games of throw & fetch yet soft & snuggly enough to cuddle upto.

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    Cozy Dog Bunny Heartbeat

    €24.00 incl tax
    Offer your dog warmth and comfort with the adorable Cozy Dog Bunny! This cuddly toy is not only soft on the outside, but is also equipped with a heart-shaped device that mimics a heartbeat for 10 minutes after activation. Each Cozy Dog Bunny also has a separate bag with tourmaline stones on the inside, which you can heat up briefly in the microwave . This way, the cuddly toy spreads a wonderful warmth. The combination of warmth, lavender and the heartbeat of the Cozy Dog Bunny has a soothing and calming effect on your dog!

    Freedog Blue Plush Dog 45cm

    €7.50 incl tax
    Cuddle Mini Dogs Length of the stuffed toy: 15cm


    €2.50 incl tax

    Freedog Crackling Flamingo

    €11.50 incl tax
    20,5 x 37 cm


    €2.95 incl tax

    Freedog Plush Donkey with squeker 45cm

    €8.65 incl tax
    Size - 45cm

    Freedog Plush donkey with squeker 45cm

    €8.65 incl tax
    Size - 45cm

    Green turtle-shaped plush toy for dogs

    €7.00 incl tax
    Containing a sound device this plush squeaks when the dog bites it.


    €16.00 incl tax

    The KONG Ultra Bounzer is uniquely designed to meet the needs of dogs that never get enough fetching fun. The Ultra Bounzer is made out of durable material making it last longer, while the classic KONG silhouette shape creates an unpredictable bounce. The KONG Ultra Bounzer compresses and rebounds to its original shape over and over again while a dog plays, making it an ideal toy for independent fun. The top handle makes it easy for tug and toss interactive play as well.

    • Ultra-durable fetch toy with thick material for long-lasting play
    • Squeezable sensation for satisfying compress & rebound fun
    • KONG shape creates an unpredictable bounce
    • Ideal for independent or interactive play
    • Top handle great for tossing and tugging engagement
    • Textured for a better grip

    KONG Cozie Ultra Lucky Lion

    €10.95 incl tax

    KONG Floppy Knots Elephant

    €14.50 incl tax

    KONG Floppy Knots
    These are the newest arrival in the Knots tribe with a cheerful, floppy design allowing for great thrashing fun. The realistic feel of the internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts while the varied textures and squeakers gear up for play. With minimal stuffing for less mess, get ready for entertaining games and grins.
    • Internal knotted rope and floppy design satisfies natural instincts
    • Varied textures and squeakers to entice play
    • Minimal stuffing for less mess

    KONG Knots Carnival Camel

    €12.50 incl tax
    The KONG Knots Carnival bring a carousel of durable fun to play sessions with sturdy, internal and external knotted ropes and a plush exterior. A variety of textures fulfill natural chewing instincts, while the external ropes provide a positive outlet for thrashing. Minimal stuffing makes for less of a mess while an added squeaker extends playtime and entices long-lasting engagement.
    • Internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts
    • Varied textures for chewing satisfaction
    • Minimal stuffing for less mess
    • Soft and durable for comfort time

    Soft Toys

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