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    Manufacturer: Ideal Cut

    Idealcut straight scissor 15cm

    €18.50 incl tax
    Grooming straight scissors. Delivered with one protective hoslter. Features : Weight 44g / Size : 6 inches / Length : 15cm
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    Idealdog Pet Comb Fancy Steel 19cm red

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    Chris Christensen Ice On Ice Conditioner

    €17.50 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Conditioner

    Expertly blended and infused with moisturising Moroccan Argan Oil, Ice on Ice Detangling Conditioner fights frizz and tangles creating smooth, sleek tresses that last. This advanced formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft, restoring the coat’s natural moisture balance. This deeply nourishing formula helps undo knots and tangles from the inside out. With just one use, hair is magically transformed from dull, dry and frizzy to sleek, ultra-smooth and super glossy! Prevent future damage and repair your champion’s coat by pairing wih Ice on Ice Detangling Shampoo.

    • Fights frizz & detangles 
    • Penetrates deep into the hair shaft
    • Restores moisture & shine
    • Repairs & prevents further damage

    Chris Christensen White On White Shampoo

    €17.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen White On White Shampoo

    White on White is unlike any other whitening shampoo, it is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo, removing yellow stains, whitening whites, and brightening all other coat colours. White on White contains no bleaching agents or caustic chemical.

    • Optic intensifying treatment
    • Whitens and brightens
    • Safe for all coat colours

    Directions: shampoo with your favourite Chris Christensen shampoo. Apply White on White directly to the coat. DO NOT DILUTE. Work into a lather, massaging product into the coat. Allow to remain in the coat for 2-10 minutes depending on the porosity and texture of the coat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. First time users are recommended to spot test in an inconspicuous are before applying all over.


    €21.95 incl tax
    Use Peace & Kindness Topical Gel and Spray to effectively treat hot spots, virus warts, fungal infections, allergies, and a variety of other skin conditions. Peace & Kindness Gel and Spray are standardized to 30 ppm of suspended silver particles, and is a great natural alternative to antibiotics. Product Highlight - ALL NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO ANTIBIOTICS - SOOTHES ALLERGIES AND ITCHING - HEALS A VARIETY OF SKIN PROBLEMS - REDUCES SWELLING

    Andis UltraEdge No 5FC Clipper Blade

    €35.95 incl tax

    The Andis UltraEdge Blades continue to be our top selling blade range year after year. Their durability and precise engineering make sure they give the best performance to pet professionals.

    UltraEdge blade set for Andis® detachable blade clippers. This blade leaves 6.3mm suitable for body work on terriers. This is a Finish Cut blade so will leave a smoother finish.

    Will fit any A-5 Type professional dog clipper (Andis, Oster, Wahl Switchblade, Heiniger,