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    Artero Static Control Antistatic Spray 150 ml

    €10.95 incl tax
    Use on clean coats. For an anti-static/fuzz effect, spray sparingly over coat, then brush in the natural direction of the hair. To create volume generousy spray over coat and then back-comb. (against the natural direction of the hair). Repeat until desired effect’s achieved. Does not affect the natural color of the coat and does not leave residuals of product on coat.


    €17.50 incl tax
    Hold for Sure is an instant-drying, long-lasting holding spray that gives resistance to the effects of high humidity, with superior holding power, manageability and gloss. It contains natural Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, a natural antioxidant, which prevents flaking. Aloe Vera is also known for its natural sunscreen properties, helping to protect the coat and skin from UV damage. Contain Aloe Vera Strong Hold High Gloss Humidity Resistant

    Chris Christensen Bottoms Up Coat Lifter

    €24.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Bottoms Up Coat Lifter

    Concentrated thickening and bodifying spray formulated to lift and separate the coat while enhancing lustre, volume, and manageability. It closes and aligns the cuticle layer increasing shine and provides a long-lasting volume locked in place.

    • Double the volume
    • Enhance lustre
    • Transforms fine, limp hair
    • Long lasting volume

    Directions: Can be diluted up to 16:1. Dilution rates will vary on the texture of the hair and the end result in mind. Apply to clean, damp, or dry coat. Add diluted Bottoms Up to a spray bottle and spray into the coat from roots to ends while separating the coat with a blow dryer. Do not use heat. Continue with normal styling routine.

    Chris Christensen Fluff For Sure 237ml

    €17.50 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Fluff For Sure 237ml

    A lightweight mousse enriched with Wheat Protein to leave the hair noticeably fuller with a flexible hold that controls frizz. Ideal for use on breeds such as Pomeranians that need all over body and bounce.

    • Flexible hold
    • Adds body & bounce
    • Doesn’t flake
    • Lightweight mousse

    Directions: Shake well before using. Dispense a small amount into palms and work evenly through towel dried hair from roots to ends. For maximum volume, blow dry hair and style as usual.


    €20.06 incl tax
    Lift for Sure with Volume Control Complex volumizes at the root, creating gravity-defying body and bounce that lasts all day! Lift for Sure’s unique formula adds a slight texture to the coat allowing you to easily add more volume by lightly teasing the coat! Directions: Shake well. Apply to clean wet or dry coat. Separate hair and spray directly onto roots and work into the hair with fingertips. Continue with normal styling routine. Product Highlights: - LIFTS HAIR AT ROOT - NATURAL LOOK AND FEEL - PRECISE APPLICATION

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse & Rough Coat Condition

    €16.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse & Rough Coat Conditioner

    This shampoo aids in repairing damaged coats while maintaining texture. Turn lifeless, flat coats into springy, manageable, full coats! Seal the cuticle without adding too much moisture and cut drying time in half!

    • For rough & crisp coats
    • Will not soften coat
    • Decreases drying time

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse & Rough Coat Shampoo

    €16.95 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse & Rough Coat Shampoo

    Spectrum One Shampoo helps to maintain the coat’s natural texture, whilst adding body and volume to create a fuller finish! Perfect for areas that need more volume and for crisp and rough coated breeds. Can be diluted up to 8:1.

    • Adds volume & texture
    • Designed for coarse & rough coats
    • Adds lift & density

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Substance Builder

    €24.00 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Spectrum One Substance Builder

    Specifically designed for coarse and rough coated breeds, this volumizer penetrates proteins into the hair follicles to create volume. A process designed for hash and wiry coats, this product will preserve the texture you desire.

    • Increases overall density
    • Repairs damaged coats
    • Adds lift to double coated breeds
    • Preserves texture


    Directions: After shampooing with Spectrum One Shampoo, apply Spectrum One Substance Builder to clean, wet coat. Thoroughly work into the coat starting at the base of the coat, paying attention to the ends for 2 to 3 minutes. Let sit on the coat for 2-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow with Spectrum One Conditioner to lock in thickness and volume.

    Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Gel 227ml

    €17.50 incl tax

    Christ Christensen Thick N Thicker Gel 227ml

    Thick N Thicker Volumising Gel is the perfect product to build up volume in a wet coat, then dry to shape. Easily shape brows and top knots with this product! This product also makes an excellent base for chalk.

    • Natural feel and lift
    • Zero weight
    • Non-flaky and mouldable
    • Makes for an excellent base for chalk


    Directions: Apply a small amount into palm and massage evenly into damp or dry coat. Blow drying will give the greatest volume and thickness. For a full coat – apply to the roots and comb or brush through to evenly distribute. Blow dry while brushing in opposite direction that the coat lies until almost dry, then brush in the direction you want the coat to lie until fully dry. To create a smooth coat – apply evenly from roots to ends. Using a flat brush, blow dry smooth from roots to ends. To hold style in place – apply small amount and let dry naturally.

    Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Leave In 237ml

    €21.50 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Leave In 237ml

    Nutrient infused thickening treatment. This leave-in coat treatment delivers noticeable fuller-looking and thicker-feeling coats in just one bottle. This hair volumising spray helps to thicken the existing hair, leaving a fuller and thicker finish. The formula penetrates individual hairs, strengthening their overall resilience to breakage.

    • Pro-vitamin formula
    • Thicker & fuller coat
    • Strengthens weakened hair follicles
    • Helps to prevent breakage

    Directions: Apply to dry or damp coat. Spray over the coat thoroughly. Massage into the coat with your fingertips. Continue styling as usual.

    CHRIS CHRISTENSEN Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier Spray

    €14.50 incl tax

    Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier is a state of the art volumizing and texture spray with a medium hold and zero weight. Use on dry coat while styling to create striking volume and add texture!
    Hold can 10-12 inches from coat. Press down firmly and evenly on valve. Use on damp or dry coat. Spray during blow drying for direction, lift and control. Spray roots, lift hair and blow dry underneath for extra volume and spot lifting. For restyling - lightly spray on dry coat. touch up style with blow dryer. Spray after styling for extra hold.


    Chris Christensen V-Force Volume Blast

    €19.50 incl tax

    Chris Christensen V-Force Volume Blast 207ml

    Styling spray that instantly creates buildable volume that’s almost as light as air to give a natural voluminous finish with lasting results on dry coats. Infused with powerful plant-based ingredients that add volume by increasing the space between hair fibres and absorbs excess oils that weigh down the coat to result in instant, weightless, lasting volume. Innovative formula to thicken thin, fly-away hair and add all over density with no residue. Gives the coat lift like no other while providing a natural feel and texture. Anti-frizz formula adds flexibility, fullness and thickness to the coat.

    • Natural feel
    • Instant volume
    • Zero residue
    • Anti-frizz formula

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