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    Discover the art and joy of pet grooming with us! 🛁✨ Our page is dedicated to providing valuable insights, expert tips, and a curated selection of grooming supplies to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best.

    🌈 Grooming Supplies Galore: Explore a handpicked collection of high-quality grooming supplies that cater to the unique needs of every pet. From brushes and shampoos to specialized tools, we've got everything you need to pamper your pets at home.

    🐶 Breed-Specific Grooming Tips: Unleash the secrets of grooming specific breeds with confidence. Our expert guides will walk you through step-by-step grooming routines, highlighting the best products to manage your pet's coat effectively. Whether you have a fluffy Pomeranian or a sleek Labrador, we've got you covered.

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    Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush Medium

    €79.50 incl tax

    Chris Christensen Big G Slickers

    The Big G dense slickers have 40% more pins than the Big K! With a special pin blend to create lift and movement, it effortlessly fluffs curly, cottony coats. Flexible cushion that is gentle and forgiving to fluff and shape heads, top lines, and legs of many breeds.

    • Groomers’ miracle brushes
    • Groomgrip coating for bath use
    • Fluff, detangle, and style with one tool
    • Soft & scratch-free pins
    • Long pins to penetrate deep into longer coats
    • Dense pins for thick coats
    • Extreme curved back for more contr

    Phoenix Universal UVC Light Steriliser for tools

    €101.00 incl tax
    he easy way to clean your tools without using liquid disinfectants! The UV light kills bacteria on your grooming tools quickly, cleanly, and effectively, saving time and giving you peace of mind. Simply put your tools in the cabinet and turn the UV lamp on for 30-45 minutes; recommended for all your tools including brushes, combs, clipper blades, scissors, and stripping knives. The UV lamp is included. The UV lamp is also available separately and should be replaced after 1800 hours use.

    Shedding Blade

    €11.95 incl tax
    Shedding blades are designed for dogs that shed their coats. At any time the coat will contain dead, semi-dead and new growing hair. The shedder plucks out the loose hair allowing the new coat to grow through. If used weekly or more frequently when there is heavy moulting, the shedder will also reduce the amount of loose hairs collecting on carpets and furniture.

    Show Tech DRYER HOLDER

    €65.00 incl tax

    Show Tech Fine 40 Teeth XL Stripping Knife

    €15.95 incl tax

    Show Tech Mat Buster 9 blades Dematting Comb

    €13.95 incl tax
    The Matbuster from Show Tech features stainless steel rounded tip blades for maximum safety. The special blade design provides effortless mat removal. The ergonomic handle features rubber anti-slip for maximum comfort and grip. Blades can easily be reversed for left-handed use

    Show Tech Medium 31 Teeth XL Stripping Knife

    €15.95 incl tax

    Techni-Stop Nail Stop Bleeding

    €12.00 incl tax

    Controls bleeding due to nail clipping or minor cuts.

    Easy to apply
    Quick & effective
    Suitable for cats, dogs & ferrets
    To Use: Apply generously directly on to the nail quick or use a cotton swab if applying to an open wound.