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    Enhance your pet grooming routine with our top-tier assortment of canine baths. Whether your four-legged friends relish or resist bath time, our diverse collection of dog grooming baths caters to all needs. Explore various options such as spacious tubs for larger dogs, compact baths for smaller breeds, stainless steel models, hydraulic systems, and electric solutions to ensure a comprehensive selection for your pet care needs.

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    Amazon Electric Bath Tub with Back splash

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    Its three stem legs give it remarkable stability. The tub is up

    Features and Benefits:

    • The bathtub is mounted on an electric chassis operated by a foot control. 
    • The wall protects against splashes.
    • Hooks can be attached to it to attach straps. 
    • Locations for placing shampoos have been provided to facilitate your work when washing the dog. 
    • The stainless steel drain is equipped with a basket for the recovery of hairs in order to avoid the obstruction of the evacuation duct.
    • The optional ramp allows dogs to climb into the bathtub without difficulty. It stores easily under the bathtub to save space. 
    • Supplied with straps and bottom riser
    • Assembly and connection to the inlets and outlets must be carried out by a qualified professional.

    The wall does not exist as a spare part.

    Sold with fittings and removable support. 


    • 148cm x 90cm
    • Tray depth: 46 cm 

    Amazon Electric Pet Grooming Bath

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    The Amazon bath has a modern construction that will look great in any salon. This is a sturdy, durable alternative to a stainless steel bath, manufactured from a high quality molded polypropylene. The height can be adjusted from 35-70cm using a smooth, electric motor, to accommodate all heights of groomers and pets. This lower height also means large dogs can walk into the bath without any heavy lifting. Pets can gain access to the tub via the lift-out door. For smaller pets, the bath has a small dog shelf, to avoid back injury from stooping over the tub.

    The 'kidney bean' shaped tub means you can get closer to the dog, resulting in even less bending and strain on your back. The depth of the tub is 48cm to accommodate larger breeds. The grey polypropylene is easy to clean and features an attractive paw print embossing. The tub features molded compartments for shampoos etc. Excellent addition to any salon and comes complete with holding frame!

    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Colour: Grey
    • Height: Adjustable 35-70cm
    • Size: 148cm x 80cm
    • Depth of tub: 48cm
    • Length of small dog shelf: 59cm
    • Max weight load: 100kg
    • Total Max Height: 163cm

    AMAZON Universal Bath

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    Universal bathtub for professional groomers and breeders.
    In polyethylene very resistant, avoids various scratches. The spacer allows the best resistance of the whole bath structure. The three position arms offers a very good stability, as well as the four adjustable feet.

    Grooming is easy thanks to the four shampoo compartment.

    Electric Pet Grooming Stainless Steel Bath

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    Ultimate Electric Bath has similar features to the static bathing stations, but with the added advantage of being fully electric powered. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, it will lift up to 115 kg smoothly and efficiently. It lowers to a height of 35 cm to allow dogs to simply walk into the bath and raises to 70 cm for a comfortable working height. 230 Volts UK Plug.

    This is a high quality bath which will give years of services in the busiest salon. Pallet delivery is included in the price of this bath. 12 months warranty on the motor.


    • Width 50" / 127 cm
    • Depth 27.5" / 69 cm
    • Height 20" / 50.5 cm
    • Splash-back Height 41.5" / 105 cm
    • Small Dog Shelf 12.5" / 32 cm

    Elsa Apron with adjustable neck strap

    €18.50 incl tax

    Features and Benefits:

    - Apron with adjustable neck strap
    - Attachment belt
    - 1 central pocket that opens with a zip underneath for easy cleaning
    - Includes a tool holder above the central position at the level of the tricolor band (7 spaces of different sizes)
    - Material 100% polyester

    Groom Professional Fast Dri Spray Ocean Breeze

    €23.00 incl tax
    Fast Dri is a revolutionary grooming spray loved by groomers over the world! Fast Dri dramatically reduces drying time, without affecting the natural structure of the coat or leaves any residue! Simply spray onto a wet/damp coat after bathing, then blast and dry as usual. This unique spray increases the hair's natural ability to repel water, utilising the power of your dryer and blaster. We now have three distinctive scents - Classic has a fruity scent, Ocean Breeze has a fresh scent while First Love has the favourite scent of baby powder. Dramatically reduces drying time Won't affect coats natural structure of the texture Use wet, dry or while blow-drying Long-lasting scent

    Groom Professional Grazia Apron

    €21.00 incl tax

    The Grazia Apron from Groom Professional not only looks great, but is also functional, due to its waterproof qualities and adjustable neck strap. The detailing and embroidery is very striking and will look great on every groomer. Comfortable to wear.

    • Waterproof & comfortable 
    • Adjustable neck tie & long waist ties
    • Length - 87cm
    • Neck - 25cm
    • Waist - 83cm (widest point)


    €6.95 incl tax

    Easy dispense shampoo pump – saves you having to tip the gallon and gives you the desired amount of shampoo, helping to reduce wastage. Can be used on the majority of 4 & 5 Litre shampoo containers

    • Easy dispensing 
    • Controlled pumping
    • Waste reducing
    • Used on the majority of 4 & 5 Litre shampoo containers

    Grooming Bath Stainless steel with Stairs

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     It has a sliding door and fold-out steps allowing easy access to large dogs. It comes with a plastic mesh tray for easy blast drying in the bath. There is a tray to hold your shampoo bottles and a crossbar with hooks attached for restraining the dog if necessary.

    This is a high-quality bath and will give years of service in the busiest salons.

    • High-grade stainless steel
    • Sliding door
    • Fold-out steps for easy access
    • Plastic mesh tray & blaster attachment for easy drying
    • Cross bar with hooks for restraints
    • Tray for shampoo bottles
    • Note: Taps and Showerhead are included with this bath, Waste hose and Dryer hose attachments are not included.

      Tub Size:

      • Width: 50" / 127 cm
      • Depth: 27.5" / 69 cm
      • Height: 20" / 50.5 cm
      • Splash-back Height: 41.5" / 105 cm
      • Small Dog Shelf: 12.5" / 32 cm

    Groom-X electric stainless steel bathtub

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    This superior tub is constructed from 1.2mm thick SS304 quality stainless steel - one of the thickest in its class - for exceptional durability. The electric bathtub can be adjusted to heights between 25 cm and 102 cm, making it taller than any other bathtub on the market.

    Moreover, the water-resistant pedals ensure a smooth action when raising or lowering it, without scaring pets during baths. The back panel is foldable which means it will work in any bathroom area and is perfect for those who want access to all parts of their animals. The tub comes with 3 containment hooks, a sliding door and an insert for smaller dogs

    Everything is in the details: Sufficient space for large breeds and a platform for smaller breeds Lifting and lowering with water-resistant pedals.

    Maximum height: 102cm / Minimum height: 25cm

    3 retention hooks

    Sliding door (on the right side of the bathroom)

    Hinged back panel

    Insert for puppies

    The bathtub can support up to 120 kg

    Not included: drain hose, thermostatic shower unit, shower head and hose

    All necessary parts and holes (eg for water supply and drainage) are provided for assembly.

    Dimensions: Length: 127cm x Width: 67cm x Depth: 41cm Height: 25cm-102cm Puppy Booster: 60cm x 60cm x 18cm The drain outlet is located on the left side of the bath.

    The height of the back panel is as follows: Total height from the base of the bath: 81cm Divided into: Base of the bath to the bottom of the back panel: 41cm Base of the back panel to the top of the back panel: 40cm Total height of the bath is 127cm, inclusive

    Ideal dog oval shampoo brush

    €4.20 incl tax

    Great when bathing your pet, it helps to get your pet clean down to the skin. This will massage, stimulate circulation and removes lose hair and dander. Made from high quality rubber. 

    • Stimulated circulation
    • Removes loose hair & dander
    • High quality rubber

    Laura apron adjustable neck strap

    €18.50 incl tax

    Features and Benefits:

    - Apron with adjustable neck strap
    - Attachment belt
    - 1 central pocket that opens with a zip underneath for easy cleaning
    - Includes a tool holder above the central position at the level of the tricolor band (7 spaces of different sizes)
    - Material 100% polyester


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